Als Partnership with BET99

This might have flown under the radar but the Als have signed a partnership with the sports betting site, and their logo will be on the jerseys.

And it looks like they accept single game betting.


They have been around for awhile now and have always had single game betting.
They are considered to be a reliable on line gambling site.

And George St Pierre doing commercials for BET99.

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Could this open up for individual teams to make seperate deals in the future.

It should. It also opens up partnerships with local casinos for sport lounges

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I am hoping there's some revenue sharing involved.

Conflict of interest

Multiple teams already have a "free-to-play sports betting and/or online casino partner" such as Pay to play casinos are a separate category. :slight_smile:

Good stuff here by the Alouettes. Really like their new logo / colours / ownership / team direction.


At the risk of poking the cranky guy what is the conflict of interest?

Try asking nicely

Hmmmm...I thought you cultivated and liked that description actually.
Anyway I get the vague COI reference now. Thanks

Then what is it

Nah....forget I asked.
And its your statement so I withdraw the question.
Have a good day.

That's what I thought

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