Als over the cap...

The Herb rumour is gaining steam. As reported by RDS from PC:

Wow. If I remember correctly, Popp signed a ton of contracts during Grey Cup week 2006, he signed a bunch of contracts before a deadline that would not count in the 2007 cap.

If so, how could the Als still be over? Was it the astronomical amount of injuries that made the Als go over the cap? If so, its somewhat unfair (we will lose the 4th overall choice, goodbye Samuel Giguère...).

The cap was enforced to stop teams from overspending to get a competitive edge (so a team cannot hire too many great players). That is not what the Als did. They simply filled holes they had to fill due to injuries.

The Als lost a few Grey Cups in this decade to the Eskimos (who were known to have the highest payroll. The Esks apparently spent 700 000$ more in 2003 than everyone else...). Now, the famous rule to prevent teams (cough, The Eskimos, from going overboard) will hit the Als first and foremost.

Somewhat ironic, a little bit frustrating...

Keep in mind this is not confirmed and the informers don't even want to be quoted...

While the league certainly has the right to do this. I think it is a bad move if they indeed do this in the first year of implementation.

While I agree it is only a rumour at this point, I think the league should penalise the Als. If they don't then the cap has no teeth.

If they don't and lets say Edmonton goes over next year then they will complain that the Als were not penalised this year and they deserve an exception as well.

Besides, losing a first round pick is no biggie seeing how they have 2 this year.

Who cares if they're over or not. As long as they win :stuck_out_tongue:

I don't think they should be punished for going over the cap.

No. They should be punished for going over the cap AND finishing 8-10. If you're going to cheat, at least do it right. :lol:

I just want to say I am from the States and I can tell you that your league seems to be better as far as the cap and all. Down here its all about the money, players in the NFL want too much money for what their worth. I feel like your players play harder for as little as they make as far as players down here in the States. Last season was my first season follwing the CFL, I really enjoy this team and this league!


Hey Curtis

North Carolina has been very good to the Als. Hope you keep posting. We need a few more bodies, especialy positive ones...