Als only game-day group chat channel is on now

it’s here: Alouettes de Montreal Fan Chat

you can make the window smaller by tap/clicking the arrows in top left of the chat window. chat comments are flaggable and you will also notice reactions. keep it respectful please. :slight_smile:

post questions here because i won’t be in your chat channel.


Whooooooooo! Thank you!

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thanks for pinning this, didn’t even think of that :slight_smile:

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chat icon is at top in header bar next to the search icon. note that if you are in this category when you click it you will get the Als chat. if you are in the main categories area you will get a pop up window asking which channel to join. there is also a chat section in the sidebar menu. you can also engage private chats as you would with PMs.

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By the way, we had our first game discussion using the group chat feature and it was amazing!

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that’s great! i like it too.

FYI, i made a topic for the chat settings users should check out in their profiles. you can turn it off or on and there are other options for notifications and email: