Als offer Holmes contract

Als offer Holmes contract

Running back so elusive
they can't find him

Herb Zurkowsky, Canwest News Service
Published: Friday, March 28, 2008

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'Either Holmes is away on vacation

or simply can't be bothered
to talk to anyone.'

My guess is that he is on vacation

Corey is too much of a gentleman
to not return these phone calls,
if he knew about them, in my opinion.

i just read this.
what do the Als need him for?
kick returns? they have levingston.
RB? they have payton.

multi purpose backup.

Its herb!

Right. But the trick is to get them all to training camp to see who's still standing week 1.

There can't be enough competition in camp, especially at those two positions which weigh so heavily on field position and second-down conversions.

I suppose that makes sense... but I'd still pick Payton over Holmes any day of the week.

The arguments so far that have been presented: "its Herb"," They have Payton", They have "Levingston" 3 weak arguments. The "its Herb" argument belongs in the toilet. "Herb" is the only journalist in Montréal that follows the Als. His predictions, usually come to be... Ro1313 has always been biased against Herb... So he has no credibility in this argument.
Plus, they also Have Tompkins to return kicks... Does anyone want to diss Tompkins? They are setting up a major competition for training camp. I approve of this. Popp is doing what he does best (and he wants to prove he is the best GM in the CFL). By the way, Holmes is a non import. If he can return kicks, play special teams and more, Popp just rearranged the ratio!

Open your eyes; Popp is back (at what he does best).

By the way, Holmes is a non import. If he can return kicks, play special teams and more, Popp just rearranged the ratio!
Likely news to both Popp and Corey's mother, but you go with it....

CFL site has him listed as an import...

Corey Holmes


Your argument is lost right there. No credibility for you.

First of all " My Credibility" would come into play if I was making some sort of claim, which I am not, I am voicing my opinion of Herb and credibility has nothing to do with it!

Herb wrote that the Als would fire The Don. He retired but in order to save face, Herb insists that he was fired even though the entire organization still says he retired.

Month ago Herb said the Als would announce the signing of Armour and he went to Calgary.

People think that Herb is usually right because when he is he reminds you about it. When is wrong you never hear about it again.

Wasent it you who said

Yup! It was!

The Riders signed Jamal Roberston, who just might become our new punt/kick returner, so if Holmes want to continue his career, I would say it will somewhere other than Saskatchewan.

My eyes were opened till I read this. Its cool you can change your nick to AnotherChance. :lol: But I would recommend you stay clear of anything that might tempt you to type a word that has "credible" in it.