Als Offensive Line

It was interesting that the Als offensive line was greatly improved in last weeks Toronto game. Yet the players exactly matched those that played last year.Matthews always brought in new players whenever the team was struggling.If you remember last year Matthews brought in Clayborne and another huge defensive end whose name I cannot remember.In the Grey cup run however he put back the regular defensive ends.This is happening again this year.The Als are back with the lineman who were regulars and the two offensive lineman he imported this year are gone.I thought Paul Lambert was the outstanding lineman in last weeks game.He started at offensive tackle and filled in at center due to Brian Chu's injury.I believe Popp should be bringing in new candidates for training camp in 07.That is the time to evaluate new players.It appears that the new additions to the team late in the last two years only regressed the team. Lets go with the regulars and have newcomers assesed at training in 07.

Does anyone remember the two new corners brought in by Matthews in a Grey Cup Game a couple of years back? Rickey Ray picked them apart and passed his team to a deserved victory.

Brandon Williams and D J Johnson. The other Defensive End you are thinking of is Mark Word.