Als off-season rosters/moves

On December 9,2011, I did send an EMail to Melissa Bourdon,Administrative Assistant to Als Football Operations, saying that our 2011 season ended on November 13,2011, yet there were still players,as per roster, on 1 game and 9 game injury list along with some on practice roster. Has been rectified as of early this afternoon.

The actual off-season roster has 69 players,i.e. 37 imports and 32 non-imports; Sandro DeAngelis is no longer on the roster. Since the end of the season, 5 players have been added. They are:
Tremaine Johnson,-DT,I-He was on the practice roster from October 6,2011 to October 20,2011. On Minnessota practice roster in 2009 and 2010.26 years old.
Derrell Johnson-Koulianos.-WR,I- 24 years old.
Blaine Ruttan.-DB,N-23 years old. 6 round draft choice on May 8,2011.
Sidney Stewart.-WR,I- On practice roster,from October 6,2011 to October 13,2011.23 years old.
Winston Thompson.-RB,I- 23 years old.

The 69 players actual roster consists of:
QB. 4 imports.
RB. 6 players. 3 I and 3 N.
WR/SB. 11 players. 9 I and 2 N.
OL. 10 players. 1 I and 9 N.
DL. 12 players. 8 I and 4 N.
LB. 10 players. 4 I and 6 N.
DB. 13 players. 7 I and 6 N.
KR. 1 import.
LS/RB. 1 non-import.
K. 1 non-import.

I am anxious to see what will happen of some veterans-Anderson,Jones, Estelle, McElveen, Robershaw,Spencer in months to come.


Merci Richard !

Lots of meat in there. I guess Sandro was released, the guy never stepped foot on the field and didn't yield anything in a trade. Ruttan is that ST tackler the Als drafted, that will help our special teams. Koulianos I knew about, talented receiver but he's half [stupid]. I will be really surprised if Coach gives him a roster spot. A Hawkeye fan sent him a letter. hilarious read.

[url=] ... rrell.html[/url]

As per this afternoon Als roster, Import WR rookie,Derrell Johnson-Koulianos, is no longer with the team/on the roster.


Not surprised at all by this. :slight_smile:

He has signed with the world famous Iowa Barnstormers of the Arena League and could still possibly return to the Als.

Thought he might have broken his fingers tweeting.

WR kOOkOOLIANOS replaced with Sydney Stewart and running back Winston Thompson added to roster.

They-Stewart-WR- and Thompson-RB- have been on the roster since December 18,2011. Ref. to my notes/comments of December 18,2011.

Anwar Stewart and Eric Wilson could be off the roster soon, as per Herb and Rick Moffatt


Tibesar leaving could work out really well for us. A fresh voice on defense, someone with no preexisting impressions of the players, might be just what we need.

Anwar Stewart update

That article is a watered-down version of what Herb reported in the Gazette. FYI, any news on the Als from TSN is usually second-hand news. :wink:

Thanks for the discreet post D&P and apologies to Richard; Cheers Backer

No worries, friend.

In other news, Herb is also reporting that Greg Marshall might be a candidate for our vacant DC position.

Wow... I like the guy but in over 10 years he's hasn't coached ONE championship defense...Next thing Berry will be taking over from Trestman :roll:

i am not a Greg Marshall fan but,if we want a candidate with CFL experience, he is one of a few. I still doubt that it will be him. More chances if Trestman leaves.

If Trestman was to leave, my number 1 choice to replace him would be Doug Berry.


Richard ! the most unimaginative OC in the CFL. If Berry was hired and I'm Mcpherson's agent I'd call Popp and tell him trade my guy or he does not report. For me that would be almost as bad as Maciocia.

Can't say I'm a big Marshall fan either, but why the hate for Doug Berry? He coached an explosive offense in Montreal years ago, and took Durant to 5000 passing yards two years ago. He's a good football mind. Anyhow, the discussion is moot, because we already have an OC.

I agree with Hfx and Richard, though: our coaches and GM need to make up their minds. Enough already. If no one gets an NFL job this offseason, that should be it for pursuing other opportunities. How do you recruit quality talent when everyone in your power structure may be gone the week after? Wetenhall's been very generous letting these guys draw $500k while not even living in Montreal. I sincerely hope that the Jan. 31 deadline that took effect when Milanovich was in the mix for the Argos position a few years ago is still valid today. Come February, I don't want to be hearing word one about one of our coaches being a flight risk, it should be over. Guys are still under contract, and we should be looking ahead to free agency, having our DC already in the bag.

Berry would be a colossal failure! If he is named HC, 3 years from now the Alouettes will be known as the Ottawa Alouettes. Since the other teams have already hired the best available talent, the only viable option for HC would be Tim Burke. He knows the organisation, is a great DC, and he could also help with the defense.

Agree with you. Doug Berry as a co ordinator maybe, but not for HC. As you said, Burke would be a viable option at this point.

Thanks but No Thanks !