Als off-season roster

Maybel Ahman has a few friends.

When injured,Matthieu Proulx was replaced by Steven Holness. He-Holness- will have to compete with Tad Crawford and Anthony Deslauriers. The safeties should be: Etienne Boulay and Tad Crawford.

When injured,Walter Spencer was replaced by Raymond Fontaine. His competition will come from:Justin Conn,Marc-Olivier Brouillette,Kyle Jones,Brian Ridgeway and Curtis Dublanko. Jones could be cut before training camp; we already have 13 linebackers signed. Too many.

Gavin Walls was injured the whole season. We now have 14 defensive linemen signed; too many. Expect cuts,before training camp.

Nickolas Morin-Soucy was injured,most of the season.


Again, thanks Richard.
I had wondered about the D line's numbers. Have been very impressed with some of the ones that they've brought in so far. I've also heard all year that the Defense looks very good in this year's draft, too. It could be a year for the best defense we've had in a long time if they keep moving in the right direction.

*meaning if management keeps moving in the right direction.