Als OC Rick Worman Fired

That contradicts Herb's account, which implies that Worman instituted a poor vertical system that wasn't working and that his protections were garbage. If the offense is crap, you almost WANT Worman to have contributed to it; at least then you can jettison his stuff and move forward. But if RDS is right, then all we're doing is going with the same playbook that apparently led to Brandon Whitaker refusing to run a play. That doesn't inspire confidence even with Worman out. :frowning:

My heart wants to be optimistic; my head says we'll be lucky to go 8-10 this season...

That makes sense. But Higgins looks like a complete fool here, because he hired Worman and he took 100% of the responsibility for firing Worman. So Higgins's mistake has already cost the team $100-120k (rumored to be Worman's salary) as well as on-field results, no doubt.

Apparently Worman was not too popular with anybody.

Kirk Penton ?@PentonKirk 19h
MT @DidierRDS: Worman was disrespectful in dealing and talking with certain coaches and players. He will not be missed by many.

Herb Z also reports that Worman apparently made an "offensive" comment directed towards Als assistant André Bolduc. I can only guess that maybe it was an anti-francophone comment? Whatever the case, Worman dug his own grave.

Not to air dirty Als laundry here, but Herb's take on Jim Popp curing cancer would be the number of research scientists that are then put out of work.

If true, THAT would be an "attitude" that would eventually sink him even if he stayed on. Imagine if he did something like that publicly; yikes.

That's true, but Herb was pretty direct about the issues on the field and he undoubtedly has sources within the locker room. Saying that Whitaker apparently refused to run a play is pretty specific.

Wow that was Quick, not even into the the first game of the pre-season?

The replacement though is Ryan Dimwhitty? Ex-QB of the Winterpeg Bottom Bummers, I can see getting an ex-QB who has a track record of playing success but wow, I wonder who is next on the chopping block in Montreal?

The next guy to leave I think will be Jim Popp. I suspect that whoever buys the Argos will hire him at the end of the season.

Not that I'm happy about this situation, but being a good player has little to do with your ability as a coach. Scott Milanovich was nothing special as a QB but he turned out to be a pretty good OC and head coach.

Very true. Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach. (and those who can't teach, teach gym).