Als OC Rick Worman Fired

Herb Zurkowsky ?@HerbZurkowsky1 12m
Two sources have just told me offensive co-ordinator Rick Worman has been fired by the #Als, barely more than a week into training camp.

Arash Madani ?@ArashMadani 5m
A source told me that at an early Als QB meeting, Rick Worman was already in the room - sipping a beer. That's not Tom Higgins culture. #CFL

Thanks for the links! Someone posted the news in the Als forum without providing a source. :roll:

Not sure what we'll do now. Higgins is already HC and STC. He can't take OC on. Maybe we bring Cahoon in finally?

Ryan Dinwiddie is his replacement.

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"It’s expected Ryan Dinwiddie, a former Canadian Football League quarterback, will replace Worman, although no announcement was made by the team. Dinwiddie this season was promoted to quarterback coach by the Als after serving as the team’s offensive quality control coach in 2013"

8) Boy, the Ringling Brothers Circus has arrived real early this year !!! :lol:

Exclusive footage of Worman and Higgins at the coach's meeting :slight_smile: :lol:

They are going absolutely nuts over this developement over in the Montreal forum,especially one poster over there whose identification will rename nameless :slight_smile: It kind of reminds me of the situation we had here in "91" with Dave Beckman and his loaded water bottles.Hopefully things work out for them in Montreal with Dinwiddie,who knows it might turn out to be a blessing in disguise for the Alouettes.I mean better to have this scenario now than later on when the seasons begun.

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Thanks HfxTC :smiley: :thup: some people (no names mentioned :roll: )are clearly to grumpy for their own good.Like I said hopefully things work out for you guys in Montreal,you never know it could clear the path to Calvillo eventually becoming a coach in the near future. :cowboy:

What are Horn Chen or the Glieberman`s back!

Assuming it is drinking, probably the best move. It is a quick kick in the nether regions, but better that than a slow cancer. Players need to respect a coach and letting things fester would have done no good either.

Didier Orméjuste ?@DidierRDS 26m
Dinwiddie and some of the assistants installed the offense during the winter. It appears that Worman wasn't doing much.

The contrast between Dinwiddie and Calvillo, at least in terms of their playing careers, could hardly be greater. If Dinwiddie gets a coordinator role out of this situation - after one whole season in a coaching position in the all-important "quality control" capacity - it would be one of the all-time great illustrations of the importance of being in the right place at the right time.

Dinwiddie will be calling plays with a rookie QB against Coach's Austin and Steinauer,
and Coach's Milanovich and Burke. :rockin:

He will join Hawkins, Strasser and Kelly in the ranks of the "unemployable".

Wow, canning your OC just as training camp opens? This is a disaster in the making. The players have been studying Worman's playbook for three months now. His replacement Dinwiddie probably won't even have a playbook. Worman would've been the guy who studied the films in the offseason with an eye to developing an offence. Who can do that at this late date?

The Als can kiss off the first half of the season at least.

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Wow... doomsayer supreme!
Dinwiddie is the quarterbacks coach. He would have been very familiar with Worman's playbook long before training camp began.The playbook doesn't mysteriously disappear just because Worman leaves.
Dinwiddie starts with the playbook Worman developed and adds/subracts over the upcoming weeks as he and Higgins see fit.
This is the CFL.... arbitrarily writing off the first half of the Alouettes' season seems a bit extreme to me.

For a team that signed Lawrence Phillips canning someone over a moral/ethical thing doesnt jibe. IMO it was more a case of the offense, probably Smith and Carter, that wanted him out and used the drinking as the excuse.

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According to RDS one of the reasons for his dismissal is that he didn't contribute much to the playbook. So it is very possible that this is more Ryan Dinwiddie's playbook than it is Worman's.

No doubt players were consulted in this and rather than risk another Hawkins fiasco by giving Worman more time the Als fired him.