Als notch 'gigantic' win over Ticats

MONTREAL — The Montreal Alouettes moved one game away from first place in the East Division with a 23-16 win over the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

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The Hamilton Tiger Cats inability to win on the road in this crazy East division 2022 season, continued in an exciting game versus the Als. The loss ended the Cats chance of a second place finish. I believe the crossover Riders will prevail with the Als hosting the East-Semi-Final game.

The man in photo gets my game ball leading his team to a 20 point second half comeback victory. Final score Als 23 Cats 16

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It looks to be shaping up that way. The Cats still have a shot if the Riders keep playing this poorly.

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The Cats still have 2 games vs the REDBLACKS & 1 @ home vs the Riders. With the Riders @ Winnipeg this weekend the following week in Hamilton may determine the wildcard. Lose in Winnipeg & to Hamilton down East & the Cats only need 1 win to tie & get the crossover. Riders then have 2 left vs the Stamps who have a shot @ 2nd with BC getting the Bombers twice. The Rider Hamilton clash in 2 weeks likely decides the crossover IMO.

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I would agree that the loser of Sask/Hamilton will be hard pressed to make the playoffs. But who knows in the CFL? Maybe one of those teams will start winning games they aren’t expected to. My gut tells me Hamilton will be on the outside looking in this year.

My prediction.
Als host Cats in east semi.
Stamps host Lions in the west.
It’s all about the schedule. Riders have a much harder one.

And the Als beat the Bombers 28-19 for the cup.

Then they win the Super Bowl.

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So if that happens does Maciocia stay head coach?

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I have them as a cinch for the Stanley Cup as well!

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Now you’re just being ridiculous.

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I'm a Cat fan and was really hoping they would win. Who can explain the difference in their performance against the Bombers a week ago and then their game in Friday night against the Als? One or two injuries seemed to have thrown them out of sync - but that is no excuse for losing a game they could have won and very much needed to win. Evans played just OK - but I still feel he throws too many "threading the needle" type passes and is often expecting his receivers to be acrobats to catch them - just not good enough. The Cats aren't out of this yet - but their rooster needs a boost big time. BTW - when does Simoni Lawrence return? His leadership is needed NOW!

They’ve got a good schedule, so I like their chances. But yeah, they gotta up their game a bit.