Al's not resting anyone in final game

So what are your thoughts on this one? Good idea, or bad idea?

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I thinks it's a terrible idea, at least on defense. Offense less so, as they may be expanding Troy Smith's playbook and want to give him more reps.

With Milanovich and Barker giving the night off to 16 of their 25 starters on fan appreciation night. I hope we smack them by 50-60 points and humiliate them and the league so bad they put rules in place to respect the fans.

I’d have rested maybe four of five guys: Bowman,Brown,B.Parker,Green,Emry but you have to put on a show. This is an entertainment business and people paid their money. I can see resting Owens,Durie and maybe a couple other vets along with keeping Ray out but to actually field a NON TEAM that is a first.

If I were the Argos, I would make sure that every contest had, every stadium perk, every bonus in that game went to Argo fans in Argo gear. As bad as the dome is, there is NOTHING worse at an Argo game then corporate "Leafs fans" dressed in suits who come to the game because they got free tickets, sit on their hands and complain when you make noise, then leave with a smirk saying "It's not the NFL". Those are the guys who are the worse kind of poison to the Argos.

The Als are 7-10, 3-5 on the road and 3-6 against the east. They'd be nuts not to start everyone, they need all the practice they can get before the ESF.