Als (NOT "Al's") - Riders Game

Some random thoughts:

  1. Chip Cox is a star

  2. Did Rich Stubler mysteriously replace Tim Burke as our defensive coordinator? Talk about bend but not break. . . gave up oodles of real estate but escape with the win

  3. Are we, sadly, seeing the end of Ben Cahoon's stellar career?

  4. TSN got it wrong. . . the late interception by Cox was NOT the game's turning point. It was, at best, but a temporary reprieve. The REAL turning point was the safety touch.

  5. Can we PLEASE figure out how to stop (a) Weston Dressler, and (b) second and long conversions? ? ? Heck, I'm starting to think we should start to deliberately allow our opponents at least 5 or 6 yards on every first down. . . we seem to know how to defend on second and 5 or second and 4, but have no clue how to defend second and long.

I don't know how many more years Cox has on his contract, but we've got to extend his ASAP before Wally comes and snatches him away from us!!!!!!!!!! As for Ben I think u are right. All those beatings have finally worn him down. I hope he finishes the season though, especially break Terry Vaughn's record.

All I know is TSN's panel has more time than they have material but yet don't have enough time to insert their commericals without missing the game. LOUSY job by TSN this year of directing their broadcasts.

I'm with you on that last point mike. . . I hope he finishes the season, breaks that record at some point along the way, and then hangs 'em up after we win our second consecutive Grey Cup.

I'm with you on that last point mike. . . I hope he finishes the season, breaks that record at some point along the way, and then hangs 'em up after we win our second consecutive Grey Cup.
I'm not. Right now, Cahoon is a liability. If Calvillo insists on passing EVERY down, what's the point of being hobbled at slotback? He gets his token 1 pass/game...creeps up the record book and then disappears for the rest of the game. Brian Bratton, a returning Andrew Hawkins, Tim Maypray....heck the Alouettes have any number of dynamic, exciting weapons to throw at opposing defenses.

Right now, except for that Toronto game, the Als are a one dimensional passing offense. Makes no kind of sense to carry a receiver that’s not hauling his weight. Records be damned…the ONLY record I care about is Grey Cups…won/lost. Let’s work on THAT!!!

You people are out of your minds !

The guy drops a couple passes and he's finished ? This offense hasn't been clicking this year yet and all receivers stats are down. Its a huge jump to make the claims you people are.

I am not ready to say that Cahoon should retire … yet.

He’s still a clutch receiver with tremendous desire. But it’s hard to deny that he has been the least productive receiver in our arsenal through the first third of the season. Richardson, Watkins, Bratton, Green, and even Cobourne have all been more consistent contributors at receiver. Ben, from what I can tell, isn’t even an every-down receiver anymore (notice how many times he comes off the field on second down?).

Now, the season is long. We still have 12 games to play. It’s entirely possible, even probable, that Ben will catch fire soon enough and put together a string of 100-yard games that make us forget about the ugly word ‘retirement’. But until that happens, I think we have a right to be concerned. We’re a third into the season and I can’t remember a time when Cahoon was this uninvolved in our offense.

This team has Watkins, Green, Richardson, Cohoon and Cobourne that need to be involved and every one of these guys has dropped passes this season. Every single one... Calvillo is having to rush his throws in many cases and its disrupting these guys timing. and the odd ball bouncing off a plastic pad is hardly justification to "declare" the All time greatest receiver of this team finished.

HfxTC, Cahoon, while certainly a surefire Hall of Famer first time up, has had a difficult season. . . a guy who's been known, justifiably, as the kind of guy who'll catch anything that's remotely near him (something that's never been said about, say, Watkins), has been dropping way more passes than we've ever seen before.

So on that basis it is legitimate to at least question if whether or not we are seeing the tail end of his career.

To merely raise that question, as I did, is not, I think, deserving of a response such as you have posted; based on his performance this year I don't think I am 'out of my mind' to raise the question.

Claiming he is a liability is not questionning if he's on the tail end of his career.

The stats of every receiver on this team is down with the exception of SJ. 3 or 4 drops in traffic over six games is hardly a large enough sample to state he's a liability. Sorry not buying it.

I never claimed he was a liability; I did raise the question if he's on the tail end of his career.

I believe Chip Cox would have to qualify as the Als MVP at this point in the schedule. The safety touch was indeed the turning point in the game- alhough it broke down at points I believe the defense won the game for the Als. McLeveen Estelle Bowman and Chip Cox were the best of the bunch. Dix made a couple of decent plays but he was fortunate to have not been called for pass interference when he knocked down a TD pass in the last quarter. He stayed with the receiver but did not look back for the ball on this one particular play- Sask should have had a TD. My thoughts were exactly the same as MadJacks, Cahoon is most likely in his last year at slotback. Despite extraordinary skill, age is the most notable factor in the demise of athletes in all sports. I also am beginning to believe this is a factor with Calvillo as well. He still is an eminment passer but does not stay efficient throughout four quarters of a game- perhaps age has caught up with both he and Cahoon? It is time to plan replacements for them at this point in time. Contrast this with Durant who played 4 outstandind quarters of football- this with some weakness from the flu.

I'm not talking about random drops. I'm talking about the fact that every other first-string receiver on the team has been more consistently effective than Cahoon, who has 0 touchdown passes and 0 100-yard games through a third of the 2010 season. We all love Ben, but the writing is starting to appear on the wall.

The man led the league last year in catches and first down conversion. Anyway AC says there is no issue with Ben. I’ll take his word on this.

Key words in bold. This is a new season. What is so difficult to understand here, Hfx? I'm not saying Cahoon is garbage or that he is hurting us on the field, only that his production has not been there this season and that age may finally be catching up to him.

Anyway AC says there is no issue with Ben. I'll take his word on this.
LOL, what do you expect AC to say? "Yeah, Ben has lost a step and probably should retire at the end of the season. I try not to throw to him unless I absolutely have to." :lol:

The second and long conversions are really starting to get to me that is supposed to be the easiest play for the defense to stop but we consistently allow teams to make those conversion it's like the defense psyches themself out of making the stop.

I also suspect we are seeing the tail end of Cahoon's career. He's been my favorite receiver for a long time but he is being used less and less these past two seasons and I suspect that he will hang it up after this season but stay with the team in some kind of coaching capacity possibly a receivers coach. He's been a great receiver but I suspect he will want to retire after this season. It's always sad to see someone I respect and admire move on but I think at the end of the season it will be the right time for him to do it

I agree Chip Cox is an Als MVP.
It's not that often you see a defensive player having such an enormous impact on so many games/season.
I'll say it again (since the coaching staff has seen fit to insert Diamond Ferri into the return game) They should try Chip Cox out as punt returner.
It may just be a silly whimsical hunch...but I can just see Cox turning his penchant for the BIG play to kick returns.


I would agree with Hf here. While I concede that Cahoon may have lost a step, an occasional dropped ball does not constitute him as being finished in my book. Seems to me Richardson has dropped a couple of passes as well. Maybe it's time for him to call it quits as well. :roll:

Oh I'm not saying he's finished, crimson, not at all.

I'm just speculating that maybe he's on the downside now. . . his drops this season so far have just been so uncharacteristic compared to what we've grown accustomed to during his long and spectacular career. I expect drops from time to time from Green, Richardson, and Watkins. . . I expect Ben to drop ones here and there, no one is perfect after all. . . but Ben's drops this season just seem so out of character for him. . . more than we're used to seeing, and many if not most have seemed like the kinds of passes that in seasons previous he'd hang on to.

So I'm not saying that he's washed up, nor am I saying he's a liability, nor am I suggesting that we cut him loose or anything of the sort. Just that I think his career is winding down to a close. . .will happen to all players eventually.

He keeps dropping the ball he should be cut....
No....he continues to miss the "ordinary spectacular" catches
he should be cut.

That's his role....his job.
Right now he's not doing his job.
Sentiment and mushiness notwithstanding
It's a business....and there are too many talented guys just dying to step in...
...and get it DONE