Als new logo

I can’t believe how awful the new als logo is. Wtf. As an als fan since i was a kid, I’m totally baffled and put off. Didn’t the team get the message when the fans balked through out the year when they brought out the old logos but only outlined in red? Who designed this travesty, the same tool who designed current cfl logo?

Just for reference:

Personally, I prefer more minimalist logos like the ones from the 70s and the current one. I don’t think it’s going to show up very well, with the dark red bird outline on the dark blue helmet, but we’ll see.

I love teams that spend time and money and image, then throw a crap team on the field. ::slight_smile:

I would have liked a modern version of the Delta, but this one is a significant improvement over the one they’ve had since 96.

I prefer that on the helmet, they make it smaller and just keep 1 on each side like most teams do.

Wonder how many millions was spent on this rebrand. I guess the notion of the Als being ‘done’ can be put to bed.

So, Johnny got the flu again, Hmmmm

Herb Zurkowsky@HerbZurkowsky1

QB @JManziel2 is not at the #AlsMTL launch. Apparently he has the flu although he is in the city
3:28 PM - Feb 1, 2019

26oz flu??

Absolutely awful, worst logo inthe history of the franchise. Did somebodies 3 year old daughter scribble on a page and submit it to the committee?

At this rate it might just be time to throw in the towel.


The Als problems have nothing to do with a logo. It seems whenever the CFL is confronted with a problem they simply throw a new logo at it. It’s incredibly frustrating.

The Als had the best logo in the league; there was no need to change it.

Previous logo was fine.

Should be putting their focus toward the on field product.

Agree with you !

Another Kavis Reed gem!

I agree their issues have nothing to do with the logo. At the same time, in my opinion it is 20 years out of date.

Their issues stem from years of mismanagement not the market itself.

If ownership does decide to throw in the towel, there are at least 2 groups waiting in the wings.

A multi million dollar rebrand tells me, Bob, Andrew and co. are not selling anytime soon. Once they keep their hands away from the football ops, they’ll do fine again.

Andrew Wettenhal was on TSN690 afternoon show yesterday.
Said they are committed to the city and the organization.

As for two other groups you make mention of that are waiting, who might that be?

The Canadiens make too much sense.

First priority for Canadiens playoff tickets goes to season ticket holders of Canadiens AND the Alouettes!

The more NHL business connections the CFL has I think could only be better for the CFL. Might be able to nudge Quebec City, saying if you’ve had a CFL franchise that might getting the Nordiques back a little bit easier.

One is a group lead by Richard Speer, the other would have the Molsons has minority investors

The new logo sucks. The new uniforms suck. That is all.

It appears to be the strategy of choice for Canadian sports marketers.
Nobody seems to notice that if your product stinks, or your business model is flawed, no amount of logo changes or “rebrands? will fix that.

I like the minimalist logos too, especially on TV. I really hated the previous one as it was WAY too busy and hard to make out if you didn’t already know what it was. This new one should look good, though they may need to put a white release around it to make it stand out on the dark blue background, as you point out.

Hated the old logo (too cartoonish) and the old unis (way too busy, inconsistent striping, etc.). The new logo is fine with me and the unis are an improvement over what they’ve used for the past decade or so. But this trend of all-dark at home and all-white on the road has really got to stop. The classic, and IMO best, football look involves contrast between top and bottom.