Als Neg. List

Jim Popp was on Randy Tieman`s show last Fri. around 2:00, and was amazingly open about the Als neg. list and players to watch in the Bowl games.

He mentioned about 10 names, including about 5-6 QBs. Unfortunately I was in the car with people and couldn`t get a handle on the names, other than DT Dan Klecko who Popp said he has been trying to get up here for awhile.

I e-mailed Randy asking if he could upload the interview onto the audio clip section of the Team 990 website, but so far it hasn`t happened.

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Probably Rider fans

Here`s a link that gives a list of QBs on CFL neg. lists in Bowl games, including the Als.

[url=] ... 19074.html[/url]

Costa I now recall is the first QB Popp mentioned in his Tieman interview.