Als needs in Canadian Draft

With the upcoming Canadian draft the Als have needs to fill. I believe this draft will feature receivers and according to the 2007 Evaluation Report there are several CIS candidates with positive credentials. One player who also rates consideration is Arthur Jabari who was a wide receiver standout at Akron the past two seasons. I believe 2007 will be the year that Stala will have to step up his play if he is to be considered as a starter. If not his position would be one that needs filling.
A second area of need is the defensive line which was porous in the 06 Grey Cup. Dickinson ran through some pretty big holes which I believe was the main reason the Lions roared. With Ed Philion retiring the need is obvious. D. Acholonu at defensive end was absent both at stopping the run and at getting to opposing QB's last year. Alan Kashama, who was second string with Michigan and did not start in the NFL was not a standout in the few games he played last year so he remains a question mark. To date, the Als have done fairly well in the draft. Lets hope this will prove to be the best ever.

I was about to start my "South of 49" column on this same subject for when I saw this thread.

The CFL draft always intrigues me because it seems like teams pass up obvious talent/needs for future considerations that may or may not pay off (like the Ti-cats locking down Lumsden two years before he'd play for them).

My hope is the Als go for receiver first with Yves Beriault or Adam Nicolson (or that Smith kid they might be a little familiar with). Stala will bounce back, I'm sure, but not so convinced Wilson is the answer on the other side. Beriault's up-side is special teams with his speed, and you just can't have enough of that on your team.

Mr. Popp's shrewd when it comes to personnel. He'll pick players who'll earn roster spots, like Boulay, and who'll be able to make a few plays in 2007 (not in 2009 like other teams pick).