Als needs heading into the draft

Apparently Archambault,Chungh,Durant,McEwen and Ruby have all accepted offers from the New York Giants.

Boyko to the Eagles.

Varga to the Colts.

Covington drafted in round 6 by Houston.

Does make the CFL draft less interesting. Players to be drafted will be in NFL camps for some time.


Alex Mateas has accepted an invitation to the New York Jets.

Daryl Waud and Tevaughn Campbell have also accepted an invitation to the New York Giants.

All top 10 rated CFL draft players,except Danny Groulx and Nic Demski, have accepted invitations to NFL camps.


8 of the top 15 prospects wont' show up at training camp. Still a great draft but it certainly will change some team's strategies going into the draft. If you want an Olinesman in Camp. You got to draft him with your first round pick.

I’m a little skeptical about those Giant mini-camp invitations. I don’t think that will deter too many teams.

Some others not necessarily signed but invited to mini camps:

"A slew of other Canadian players were invited to NFL mini-camps as well, mostly by the Giants.
The Giants invited wide receiver Lemar Durant (Simon Fraser University), linebacker Byron Archambault (University of Montreal), offensive linemen Sukh Chungh (University of Calgary) and Sean McEwen (University of Calgary), defensive back Tevaughn Campbell (University of Regina), defensive lineman Daryl Waud (Western). Waud was also invited to Washington Redskins minicamp.
Uconn Huskies offensive lineman Alex Mateas accepted an invite to New York Jets minicamp. "

It becomes a real puzzle for Popp and other GMs, weighing picking their top ranked players but who they might not see for awhile vs. lesser ranked players they know they can sign. Fortunately the Als don`t have any pressing National needs and can afford to wait in some cases.

Let’s put it this way 10 percent of undrafted rookies get a training camp invitation from mini-camp then 1 sometimes 2 actually make the 53 man roster or practice roster. Giants might invite one or two of these guys to training camp.

So far 11 of the top 15 rated CFL players and 12 of the top 20 have either been drafted by NFL or signed as free agents by NFL or invited to NFL mini camps.

When CFL teams draft on May 12,2015 most players selected in rounds 1 and 2 will be with NFL; yes, many won't make it but the waiting period could be long,in some instances.

I definitely hope that in futur years the CFL draft will be held roughly 2 weeks before the NFL draft; while it won't prevent players being drafted or signed by NFL teams, I am positive that less players would be invited to mini NFL camps.


This year is a bit misleading because of changes in draft eligibility you have two years worth of NCAA prospects + players who would not have qualified as Nationals under the old rules all rolled into one draft class. I don't think its a big deal. Outside of Covington and Varga the rest are a real longshot to even make it to NFL training camps in September.

The addition of Blake added strength to our already strong O line. Perhaps Vaughn will join us at DT this time next year. Popp drafted Stalla and LBJ as 6th round picks, so we'll likely get a player or two from those CIS guys. However, the drafting of players who might go the NFL route will doubtless will be very appropriate, as there are top picks who have actually played in the NFL but, at some years later, joined the Als . Examples- Bourke, Blake, Giguere and several others illustrate that the NFL stays are often not long and, the team can expect to get superb players from the NFL in a few years to come. Since we look pretty solid now with Canadian players, I expect Popp will draft some of the CIS guys who can be expectd to, at first, go the NFL route. As noted, past success dictates we, for certain, will draft for these " futures" now.

In addition, the team should become aware of the NCAA QB's who do not make it in the NFL. We have a history, in the CFL, of several of these early rejects who have become excellent QBs in Canada.

Finalement, seul Covington a été repêché dans la NFL, Bridge, Boyko et Varga ayant signé des contrats comme agens libres non repêchés.

Bien que je doute qu'une équipe de la LCF repêche Bridge, Boyko et Varga pourraient être sélectionnés dans des rondes inférieures aux 2 premières.

They could be drafted anywhere. Look at Foucault who landed himself a contract from mini-camp and then there are guys like Philip Blake drafted in the second round who show up 4 years later. How about Bo Lokombo who is now with the Lions. Draft the best player available is what teams do unless they they think they can address immediate ratio problems through the draft. Probably not the best idea.

Looks like the NFL is going to become a great development league for the CFL, better than the Arena League!

While we all love our CFL, its every kids dream to play in the NFL. But it certainly takes a little bit of fun out of the CFL draft.

But for most their best chance is to start in the CFL as young as possible put a couple great seasons together and move to the NFL on their own terms. Too bad most can't see that.

Probably a combination of youth, ambition, and being given bad advice. These kids are just that -- kids. Making significant decisions about your future at age 22, particularly when your entire education has been focused on athletics and not critical thinking, is tough on any prospect.

I think some of them are being sold a bill of good by agents who are playing the law of average.

Were looking at it from a CFLcentric point of view. But can we name any player that has been screwed by going to an NFL mini- camp? I cant think of one.

Darren Gill who has a good reputation as an agent, or else he wouldn`t get so many clients, is the guy responsible for the mini-camp tryouts for Mateas, Waud, Chungh, McEwen, Campbell, Archambault.

Only downside would be if one of them blows a knee or something, but that`s bad luck that can happen anywhere.

The NBA reached into Canada and found the the 1st draft pick in 2013 and 2014. Basketball is played globally, while quality football is only played in the US and Canada.

It's to be expected that the NFL looks north in its search for talent. As much as the lure of the National Football League is interfering with the CFL draft, a potentially greater disruption faces the CIS schools. This trend could result in more US colleges scouting Canadian High School football programs, and dangling juicy NCAA scholarships.

I think CIS schools lose in this competition considering that a 4 year scholarship at some US schools can be worth $200 - $250K. However, the CFL's fortune could go either of 2 ways:

DOWNSIDE - Even MORE Canadian kids at NFL camps
UPSIDE - MORE NCAA trained Canadian kids at CFL camps

So far Danny Groulx has not committed to an NFL team; I wonder if Ottawa has not almost guaranteed him that he will be drafted by them and that he will receive a good signing bonus. Makes sense to me.


Byron Archambault va participer au mini-camp des Giants.