Als needs heading into the draft

I did an analysis of the needs of the Als heading into the draft. Let me know what you think. One thing that surprised me was that Mike Edem wasn't listed as your starting safety for 17 games last season. I was surprised to see that, and surprised I didn't realize that last year. Was there more to that story?

Let me know what you think of my analysis:

Really impressive analysis Dan for a non-Montrealer. Don`t even think the Montreal beat reporters could have done better.

I`ll nit-pick a couple of things. I think former NFL free agent signing Phillip Blake should be listed as a "player added with starting potential". I believe he will challenge Matte.

And with the new punt rules and a new special teams co-ordinator in Kavis Reed, Im not certain Whyte is a lock as punter/kicker. He might even be replaced by an International as Boris Bede has been signed and Ricky Schmidt was reported to be at last weeks mini-camp.

As for Brouillette over Edem at safety, most on the forum here dont understand it because of Edems superior athletic ability. However Noel Thorpe favours Brouillette because of his football savvy.

Very interesting.

As for a Canadian DE, it generally seems easier to find Canadian DTs to help with the ratio.

I agree that there are lots of starting Canadian tackles, but few ends. My pick of an end is to have someone the Als can rotate in so they don't have to use a designated import as a backup DE.

You are right about Blake. He is an o-lineman with a ton of potential.

I surprised about Whyte. I thought he was very good. I feel sorry for you guys getting Kavis, I preferred when he was ruining things in Edmonton and Regina.

Great analysis of the Als and all other CFL teams,Childress.

With regards to the Mock Draft,Version 2.0, I don't agree with your choice of WR Addison Richards by Jim Popp in round 2. Following the CFL combine the value of this player has gone down. We should know more at noon today,since the final ranking of CFL top prospects will be available.

Here are the players that I feel Jim Popp could select,in round 2, if available:

OL James Bodanis. Could also play on defensive line. Best option in round 2; in fact, it would not surprised me if Jim Popp was to select him in round 1.

LB Byron Archambault.

WR/RB Melvin Abankwah.


Jim Popp has a history of drafting the player he feels is the best prospect for the Als down the road. Nothing demonstrates that better than drafting a kicker in the first round after acquiring Sean Whyte for a first pick.

I think what we might see is a run on offensive linesmen in the first round and the Als will still get a quality DB or Receiver prospect in round 2 . We have no pick in round 3.
When you remove the two players projected to be drafted in the NFL. The top five are OL (four plus Wauld who many project as an offensive linesmen). Some would even say top six if you add McEwen.

You may even see a team attempt to pickup another high pick and grab two guys. I could see a team grabbing Chung and McEwen. That would be a hell of a draft.

Le regard d'idealsheldon est tout à fait juste, surtout à propos de Whyte. S'il a connu une meilleure saison 2014 que 2013, il demeure que ses carences comme botteur de dégagement rendraient les Alouettes encore plus vulnérables sous les nouveaux règlements. Aussi, il deviendra essentiel pour les Alouettes d'avoir un botteur de dégagement qui botte haut et qui place très bien son ballon.

Par ailleurs, je trouve pour ma part que Kavis Reed a été un bon coordonnateur d'unités spéciales et qu'il fera certainement un meilleur boulot que Tom Higgins à ce chapitre.

If OL Danny Groulx is not available -he could be selected number 1 by Ottawa- when the Als select in number 4 of round 1, I now doubt that Jim Popp will select an OL. Jim Popp may draft WR Lemar Durant or DB/LB Chris Ackie in round 1.


The thought keeps going through my head that in a deep draft JP may see if he can deal down for a late first and an additional second, or a late first and a young, promising Canadian.

But that may just be the "fan" in me wanting some more "excitement" around the draft.

I Dr ont think we will see much wheeling and dealing. This is a deep Draft. Picks will be expensive.

Jacob Ruby really looked very good. very little NFL interest. really looks to be a ready OT sooner than later. similar Hunter Steward in BC. Aside from the top name OLineman there are several sleepers. Bodine, mentioned above, is a great call.

A two kicker system is a good call. Whyte could be part of the two. Obviously signing Bede and looking at Ricky Schmidt leans them to have at least one having a big leg. Punts, KO, long field goals with Bede possible.

Kind statement that Giguere will push Deslarues for starting spot. Could be the end for Deslaures. Shonert/AC (rec coach) have other ideas then a decoy. Graves is a guy they have been developing after position change so a receiver may not be in the cards.

Beauliue and Bedard are true TEs and Volney could be a receiving RB/SB. Again plans that the offensive staff may have to have some diverse sets at targets for Crompton.

Any DE would be a project but having one to be the 3rd in rotate guy would be huge I agree. Riders are trying that with Ainsworth and Cappicotti took a few years but developed into a starting National DE in Ottawa.

DT Waud would be a great pick at number 4. getting a NG type ready to at least rotate in almost right away.

Ackie could be too good to pass up if they want to go that route. If Marco B. continues to be Thorpes guy, Edem may hit FA after the season. Metioned above though they have others that could fill a back up safety role.

David Forcault, the Als first round pick last season, is going to have competition for a tackle position with the Carolina Panthers this pre season. LT has been a chronic deficit position with the team for the past two seasons and, an area of concern for the Panthers as they move into the NFL season. The Panthers acquired Michael Oher from the 49'ers who is a highly rated OT and, is now penciled in at the starting LT position. In addition, the team signed Jonathan Martin, a former 1st round pick and a veteran veteran who " is one of the T prospects that could be considered elite". In addition, the Panthers expect to look for OTs in the forth coming conclusion of the 2015 NFL draft. Forcault will have several highly rated veterans and, a couple of rookies in the Panthers camp this year.If unsuccessful, our team just might have another native T to their already solid group of O Linemen.

Can I ask why you changed your prediction from Ruby to Groux ?

Interesting. That's the player the movie "The blind Side" was based on. This also means the Als are likely to get him back long before our OT's retire.

I suspect he will stick with the Panthers in some capacity this year. If cut I would think another NFL team would pick him up. A second year young OT with some experience is usually snapped up pretty quick down there. Low risk, high reward.

To Hfxtc:

When did I predict that Jim Popp will select Jacob Ruby over Danny Groulx? Ruby is a good prospect,along with many other OL. Jim Popp could always select him or Bodanis or Boyko in round 1 or 2.

Last week I wrote that Jim Popp could select, in round 1 ,either WR Lemar Durant or DB/LB Chris Ackie, if OT Danny Groulx is not available. At that time I felt that the REDBLACKS would select Danny Groulx. Last week,on CFL forum, I wrote that the REDBLACKS will select Alex Mateas as number 1 and Jim Popp will select Danny Groulx in round 1. I definitely hope so, but the REDBLACKS may opt for Danny Groulx. We will know in 14 days and 8 hours.


That is always a tough situation. Especially now within recent years that the NFL teams have set their sites on the CIS. In particular Olineman. With the size, athletic ability, and potential to develop into an NFL Olineman long term. Kudos to Canada and the CIS. For the NFL the CIS is another almost 30 more schools developing pro players for them. They thought enough of him to put him on the 53 man roster opposed to the Practice roster where he would have been up for grabs. He definitely was not ready to play LT in the pros, NFL or CFL, very rare any 1st year pro can even start on the Oline let alone the LT/OT position.
He was forced into action took his lumps but being the better for it. He will be like any other young player competing for a job. It is a lot more noticeable when a Canadian National comes to the CFL after starting off with some time in the NFL but they are a just a few of many many to get up to and past that 3 or 4 year timeline that teams set.
O'Donnell did not even get that far, came back to his CFL team mid season was forced into some action and got clobbered. The next season being just his 3rd pro year was the ESKS top Olineman. Last year with the Esks for year 4 and now Free agent signed back by an NFL team.
Foucault for sure is a great prospect. He could be signing with the Als in September, placed on NFL PR, be on 53 man as a backup, or starting RT.

My bad Richard. Not sure why I was thinking you had mentioned Ruby. Thank you for the reply.

Covington, Boyko, Ruby, Varga, Bridge have all signed NFL contracts.

Durant, McEwen, Chungh and Archambault possibly to follow.

If McEwen and Chungh sign contracts that will seriously put a dent in that oline depth.