Als Needs- Defensive Line,, Receiving and Speed

Defensive Line: Romero and Devon Claybrooks were very effective at defensive tackle in stopping the rush. If the Als retain Romero both of these guys look solid. Charbonneau, injured in 07, may have reached retirement age. The team should obtain Miguel Robede to give some depth to the line and, give the fans another native son.The Als own the rights to James Judges who played defensive tackle at the University of Buffalo in 07 and is rated by NFL Rush as the seventh best Canadian player in the NCAA last year. Judges is 6"5, and 262 lbs.
This team was second to last in 07 in QB sacks. Alan Kashma was not first string on the line but, led the team in QB sacks- 7 while being platooned. He should be helped to uplift what was a solid season. Tom Canada is a rush end this team needs.

Receiving: Thurmon stays as does Watkins!!!with respect to the other receivers, Eric Deslauriers missed training camp and showed some promise near the end of 07. He has to be rated as a work in progress! Brian Bratton was not up to par as a receiver nor a consistent kick returner. Ashlan Davis had some good moments receiving and was effective in the end around play. Dan Desriveau showed great motivation but he is too small for the split end position he played last year. This team still needs another proven long receiver!

Speed: I hope the Als give a serious look at Andrew Hamilton this year.Prior to his All Star rating in the Quebec CIS where he had 83 carries for 1346 yards, Hamilton, while at Delaware State, led his team with a 22.6 yards per kick return. In addition Hamilton was rated as the fastest player at the Als camp last year. Hamilton might excell at returning kicks and, providing some speed to the offensive backfield which has power but is lacking in speed.

Hamilton reminds me of Terry Evanshan who, in the sixties, turned up at the Als camp fresh from Darcy McGee High School in Montreal. The Als saw his talent and sent him to play semi pro ball in Maine in order for Terry to pick up some coaching and a higher level of experience. In the following years Evanshen was one of the best receivers in the CFL. Is Hamilton a diamond in the rough like Evanshen?

Your forgetting Stala. I'm expecting a big season from Dave... I don't think the receiver position is a "concern" for the Als. Popp stated he wanted to improve the following
Oline,Dline,MLB and RB positions. He's bang on IMO...

Hamilton's problem is his age vs development situation. I don't think the Als have given up on him, the difference between him and Evanshen is that Evanshen was spotted coming out of HS. Hamilton was a man playing amongst kids...