Als Need To Develop Quarterback

The BC Lions seem able to develop QBs every year.With Dickinson hurt Buck Pierce has done a good job as QB[ and remember Casey Printers.] I read in the sports pages today that BC has signed a 4th Qb for Qb insurance.For the Als,Calvillo is the only QB that has produced in past years although he is now showing that his age and physical self may be reducing his effectness. The back up QB's have not produced. Greene only throws interceptions and Brady was discarded by both Hamilton and Toronto as being ineffective.Over the last few years The Als have accomplished nothing in developing new QBS.I remember a QB named Gonzales who flunked out in trying to replace Calvillo the season Calvillo was injured and the Als had no wins after Calvillo's injury. Then we had Taveras Bolden who might have gotten into one ineffective offensive play in his YEARS as a secong string Qb. Next we had Ted White for a couple of years who was completyely inept.He was like Greene who is a master at throwing interceptions and both could/can not run with any accomplishment.Edmonton and Regina also appear to be great at developing effective QBs who are able to take over the offense when the first string QBs go down. Compared to these clubs the Als have been a washout at developing QBs within their system. This year the Als were fortunate to sign Jesse Palmer who unlike all the above mentioned players was able to make the NFL as a Qb.I hope this season that the Als bring Palmer into the offensive system and list him ahead of the ineffective bodies who cannot produce. We have had enough ineffectiveness at second string or third string QBs. WE now have a young,Canadian QB who in making the NFL at the QB position has accomplished more that the inept players mentioned in this note.Lets begin grooming him this season!

I have said this a million times Brady if properly groomed can take over this team.

Problem in Montreal is Calvillo has to much lattitude, he leaves when HE wants to leave the field.

How can you develop guy when your #1 QB is still on the field when you're blowing out opponents like we did in 2004-2005, and he's still there in the 4th quarter with 5 minutes left.

How many times since 2002, did the Head Coach pulled out AC from games ? Not very often !

Brady can be a good QB is he can get some playing time (or taken under a good "mentor"), as for Palmer, we'll see !

Agreed; we should dump Greene and let Brady and Palmer be the 2 backups and get them some playing time (assuming we get a playoff spot locked up).

What is the point of Grooming Palmer if we are just going send to Ottawa when they get there team back.

I can’t say I agree with that.
He’s been give quite a few chances in the past and never showed any consistancy at all.
If it was his first or second year, I would agree that there is still potential there, but I think he is past that point.

Jim Popp has a great history of bringing in solid players out of nowhere that help the team.
I think the weakness though has been getting another quarterback that fills that kind of role.