Als move back to big- O

Looking at the fans at McGill Stadium during the last home game, it appeared to me that there were between six and seven thousand persons at the game. I am beginning to doubt that this franchise will be with us in future years.

Any company that keeps putting out a bad product faces the same situation. What made it worse is their unbelivably bad record at home for the last two seasons. had they been 5-4 at home instead of 2-7 at least paying fans would have been going home happy.

it was also raining that day and the temperature was close to 0 degrees. Even those who had paid for tickets didn’t show up because the team is already eliminated from playoffs

I attended the last playoff games the Als played against the Lions and I've never seen a crowd so poorly dressed for outdoor activities. Me and the wife were toasty with our heat packs and heated cushion insulated clothes, we could have sat out there another four hours with no issue, some people were out there in flat shoes with no socks and little North face windbreakers. Very strange.

I agree that would be a waste, if it gose threw the province probobly wants to se rid it can make some money to help with the big Reno they wonna do for the World Cup, with the Alouettes and there contract there I wonder that if the grey cup will be there, if the team would consider having playoff games or maybe the odd home game there

There are a lot of sellouts/near-sellouts before they consider that.

Com on!! They wouldn’t look cool if they have dressed properly :wink: