Als move back to big- O

Just a thuaght, what if the als got a massive make over and some money was put into the big o so it has better seating for fooball, would it make the franchaise as great as it was back in the day when that stadium was backed with 60,000, I mean obvs everyone would love to see that again but would people think it would be possible again??

Anything is possible. I just don't think the Quebec Gov will invest 700 million dollars rebuilding the BigO.

But getting ride of the athletic track and poring new seating configuration could be done.

Aren’t they doing something with it for the World Cup? If not they have to spend money anyway to bulldoze it.

I know they have some money put away for fixing it up for the World Cup but that apperintly won’t happen till 2022 or somthing, I was just think re doing just the lower bowl for football and mls so have the same concept as the lower bowl in bc place

They plan to redo a removable panel roof like some of the new Russian stadiums. This will allow them to open it in the summer and close it in the fall for the cold season.

Then they have to redo the entire multimedia systems, score board, lighting and networks and they will need a grass pitch for the World Cup. Is there money to change the configuration and seats? doubt it.

They can not fill McGill Percival that holds approximately 24k.

A windfall of huge money to upgrade the cement toilet bowl will not get more people into that stadium. Maybe for the first game or two for the novelty.

Winning more than 3 or 4 games on a regular basis is required to get fans back into the seats.


100% agree with you, the only thing is there should at least upgrade the seating at Molson Stadium, just cause as a pro sports team I agree with having a smaller stadium but all bench seating isn’t appealing as a pro sports franchise

And if it is going to be all bench the space allocation must be generous to offset the minimalist comfort.

To be honest I am perfectly comfortable with bench seating (Prob because of all my years riding the bench ;))(Im joking)

Only thing that gets me is when people leave their seats to go to the concession stands or what ever…The go the long way and annoy the hell out of me

What I mean is… there are 4 people to their left and 25 to their right…they will go to the right instead of the left…and then come back the same way…There is not a lot of room to let people pass

What Tim Capper from the Alouettes FlightDeck said on their latest podcast regarding seating in 2019.

Section C2 - Closed
Section M2 - Closed
Section N2 - Closed
Section Z2 - Closed
Section Q2 - Closed

M2 and N2 were part of the construction for new seating in 2010. Goal is to have the fans gathered closer to the center of the stadium.

Section Y2 - New Family Area
Section P1 - All You Can Eat Area (was Z2)
Section P4 - Now General Admission (was M2)
Section P5 - Now General Admission (was N2)

Capacity will be reduced from 23,500 to around 20,000. Team does not plan opening the closed sections in 2019 even if there is an unexpected demand for extra seats.

Journal confirms the Als reducing capacity by another 3500 seats for - 5000 seats !


It’s crazy Montreal has to reduce to 20,000, I’m convinced if they focused on the field and are successful they don’t need to reduce, but they half to do what they half to do, I hope if they become good next week later on we will see them change there mind and open more seats, cause I’m sure more people will come if they do better in the field

A) They don't have to reduce, they chose to reduce
B) Its not the same people who focus on the field as those who focus on the stands

Herb Zurkowsky?

A contingent, led by #AlsMTL president Patrick Boivin will be in Toronto this Tuesday, making its bid and submitting a proposal that would see Olympic Stadium host the Grey Cup in 2020. Regina and Hamilton are also interested. Montreal hasn't hosted the game since 2008.
11:03 AM - 4 Nov 2018

I am guessing that the promo to watch half of the game for half the price is still on then.

Aren't there issues with the Big-O in November with snow? How could they get around this?

It will be declined again because there will be no safe roof on the BigO by 2020.

They installed heaters to melt snow a few years ago…They used it for soccer a few times and it passed the test

I doubt they would make a bid if they were not confidant in the melting system

Come on you guys, what are you like Trump? You don`t believe in Global Warming? It will be 30 Celsius in Montreal in Nov. 2020.