Als Mini-Camp

Good lord, have I been getting that user ID wrong for years? I always thought it was ideal sheldon. Is it actually "ideals held on"?? :lol:

Ça pue trop.

Forgot it was Shea Emry's birthday tuesday. Happy belated b-day Shea.

I see it's Ridgeway's tomorrow and Pall Ameet's on the 28 th.

I like that - should start using :smiley:

You also have Diane Sauve of Radio-Canada attending. Didn`t know who she was until I just went on the Radio-Canada website.

Shes better looking than Herb, but as a Gazette subscriber I have written to Stu Cowan to perhaps get a reason why Herbs not there.

Charles-Andre Marchand also there with this report:

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La reponse de M. Cowan:

Herb did indeed go to Florida for the Impact training camp because it happened
just before the start of the MLS season and we hadn't had a lot of Impact
coverage leading up to them kicking off the season.

While the decision was made not to send Herb to Florida for the Alouettes
mini-camp (I don't believe LaPresse is there either) he will have full coverage
of their main training camp in Lennoxville before the start of the season, which
doesn't kick off until July.


Mais le fait que Herb y est alle pour lImpact, je suis daccord, ca pue.

What a bunch of horsepoop. Cowan is just a hack.

Herb hasn't written one word on the Als since March signing of Richardson. He's obviously brooding again. This gets so f.... old with him. Cowan is the reason daily papers are dying.

Messam et Rhodes semblent être engagés dans une saine compétition pour un poste. Les deux concèdent amicalement une longueur d'avance à Jennings et ne négligent pas Anderson, mais comptent bien faire partie de l'équation à la fin juin.

Une bonne attitude pour s'attirer les faveurs des entraîneurs.

Pour ce qui est de Cowan, quelqu'un devrait peut-être lui rappeler que la saison commence AVANT le mois de juillet, justement par une partie entre les Alouettes et les Bou! Bombers.

Herb en Floride pour l'Impact et pas en Floride pour les Alouettes, pas une ligne écrite sur les Alouettes en avril, je le répète : ça pue trop.

The Gazette once again proving why it's the piece of trash it is and why daily print journalism kind of deserves to die.

Print media coverage, TV coverage, media coverage in general - where football is concerned - stinks! Period! Goes to show where football ranks in this hockey-crazy town. It's not that I'm against folks being hockey fans, but there are other sports worth noting. (Sigh!) - I can only hope that will change some day!

With print journalism in general it has become a vicious circle - fewer readers, less ad revenue, less quality, fewer readers.

As for the Gazette, I`m sure their sports budget has been cut, but you have Hickey, Stubbs, and Branswell covering the Canadiens and Herb doing Als, Impact, boxing.

Do you need 3 reporters covering the Canadiens? In my e-mail to Cowan I said you might as well rename the "Sports Section" the "Hockey Section".

Don't forget Mike Boone who also writes about the Habs. Four of them to cover what Red Fisher use to do more or less on his own.

But of course he will be at their main training camp in Lennoxville. It will cost the Gazette allot less to have him there than in Florida.

Anybody here buy the Gazette on a regular basis?

I have a subscription. If this keeps up. I will probably drop it.

It seems to be such a long time since the 2012 Grey Cup. I am so starved for CFL action that last evening I watched the tape of the second to last Argo- Als game (2012). I too liked the play of Michael Carter ( Maryland ) who was great against the run but, I can’t recall his defensive work against the pass. Has the NFL completed their draft? I am so looking forward to our coming draft but hope that the NFL’s Canadian signings will be completed. For you young pups, back in the 50’s there was a competition between the NFL and CFl for players and, the NFL was upset as the CFL was getting NFL players to jump ship and play in Canadian. Then the NFL guys were having to play for low salaries. Tobin Rote a good offensive QB left the Nfl and joined the Argos. The Als took Tex Coulter ( All American with Army ) from the NY Giants and, many other NFL note worthy guys also jumped. Many others came enticed by the 12 000 to $14 000 Canadian salaries back then. I wounder how many of our CIS players will sign with the NFL? The NFL has certainly made our draft much more complex.

This Mini-Camp excluded K/P,OL and DL.

Based on pictures of the three days mini-camp,the following players were most probably absent:Arland Bruce-was confirmed-,Bryn Roy,Wopamo Osaisai,Curtis Dublanko,Seth Williams , Kyries Hebert and Steve Octavien.

The following DL present were: Kenny Iweboma,Scott Lockley and Ameet Pall. In a video on Als roster,Ameet mentioned that he was tried as MLB and received help/guidance from Bear Woods,Marc-Olibier Brouillete and Shea Emry.

I expect the Als to soon release a few players and add some new ones.


Scott Lockley? Don’t you mean Mike Lockley?

And interesting use of Pall at MLB. Hadn’t thought of him in that role, but if he can make the transition, it gives us some good injury insurance for Emry…