Als Mini-Camp

Starts today, 50 players, no linemen, no hitting. Good on Le Journal/Durocher for being there to cover it.

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«Il y a sûrement des joueurs qui se sentaient confinés à un rôle qu’ils n’appréciaient pas sous la férule de Marc Trestman», a poursuivi le directeur général des Alouettes.

Iiiinteresting. Wonder who Popp might be thinking of?

Possibilités :

Ihekwoaba (quoiqu'il ne sera pas au mini-camp)

Of that list, the only people I'd say have a legit beef are Ridgeway, Dublanko, and Devine. The former two because they've never been given a chance to prove themselves and the latter because he was given two games on the worst ST unit in the league before getting the hook.

I was impressed with Michael Carter at the field corner in his limited amount of action. Certainly better than Mr. Osaisai.

He might be another wanting to break through.

Agreed, although being better than Osaisai is hardly a respectable standard. :wink:

I just hope we have a solid defense this year. It's been too long.

I am hoping to see a much improved ST unit as well as the D. A decent run back every now and then would be nice.

LOL, yes, talk about damning with faint praise. ..

WHOA, tony, you need to see a doctor, because now you are just talking gibberish. What the hell is a "decent run back"? That's some weird term you made up to describe a football play that exists only in your head, right? Or maybe you're referring to when the kick returner reverses field and runs towards our end zone, losing valuable yards but not, say, more than, 10? Not losing more than 10 yards running away from kick coverage = decent run back amirite?

;) ;)

And my secret wish is eliminating opposition kickoff returns that always end at the 45 yard line or further.

believe it existed with the Als back in the day of a coach by the name of Matthews. Same coach who had a league leading D, one that was emulated by others.
At least I think that was the case with the Als. Been a few years now; have to go back and verify the VHS tapes :wink:

As for not losing more than 10 yards I would have to agree that it would be "decent". Anything more than that well that would be a "Hi Light" reel play. :slight_smile:

Legend has told of bygone days when the defense of the Montreal Alouettes were indeed a fearsome collection of men. Perhaps these halcyon days shall be ours once more... :smiley:

One thing/change I do appreciate, is that we have comments from Dan Hawkins and photos of this mini-camp on Als site. Last season it was almost a secret. We had no information from the Team/Head Coach.

Thanks to Pierre Durocher/Journal de Mtl for his/ its coverage of this mini-camp and the Als. You wonder where is Herb/The Gazette.


Can anyone tell me if Noel Devine or Curtis Dublanko are at camp.

I was amused by Hawkens comments on day one of the mini camp about the team finishing plays. I guess that's the difference between college ball and professional football players.

What did he say exactly?

Had to buy the paper today to read Le Journal, one article was metered. Also heard A.C. being interviewed on CJAD.

We all knew there would be a cultural change from Trestman to Hawkins, but listening to A.C. there is going to be a far greater change in the offensive playbook, terminology, etc. than I anticipated.

Durocher also reported that unfortunately Jim Popp`s son recently suffered a fractured skull ( but fortunately no brain damage) falling from a scooter. Popp is at the mini-camp.

That’s not surprising. I know Hawkins said he’d keep a lot of what worked, but that was right at the outset and I would expect a good head coach to have the stones to change what he feels is appropriate. While I’m sure there’s plenty in our playbook that’s worth keeping, I’m also sure there’s plenty that’s worth modifying or in some cases discarding completely.

It’s not just Hawkins here, let’s not forget. Miller is the OC and will have a lot of say, as will Doug Berry. And who knows? Speckman might be tasked with drawing up a few Fly-based run plays to add to the playbook as well.

Durocher also reported that unfortunately Jim Popp`s son recently suffered a fractured skull ( but fortunately no brain damage) falling from a scooter. Popp is at the mini-camp.
Ouch. Thank goodness for no brain damage.

Feels weird seeing Hawkins here. Very weird.

Forgot it was Shea Emry's birthday tuesday. Happy belated b-day Shea.


Herb Zurkowsky ?@HerbZurkowsky1 20h @anthonyferrara5 Als are at mini camp in Orlando. I’m not there! Ask Stu Cowan why not. Stories will start at training camp.

But wasn`t Herb briefly in Orlando with the Impact?