Als Merchandise??

Hello...can anyone tell me where I can find an online store selling Alouette merchandise.Living in Alberta and all thats available here is Esks and Stamps junk. I tried the Als Boutique and but the selection is limited. Also tried River City and Jersey City....thanks.

Unfortunately, your choice is indeed limited.

Being out of Montreal, Boutique Alouettes and CFL Shop are really your choices. And I also see to you River City and Jersey City covered. TSN Shop had the Grey Cup 2009 Champions tee-shirt and cap. I do not know if they still do.

That is about it, I am afraid.

There's a company with a few locations in the Hamilton area called Sports Obsession.
They mainly cater to the Ti-Cat fans, but do have access to products for all the teams, and last time I looked did list various items for the Alouettes.
Google them. It's worth a shot anyway.