Als Marketing Opportunity

With St. Hubert, Desjardins, Cage aux Sports, Jean Coutu all questioning their association with the Canadiens over the Mailloux draft pick, now would be the perfect time for Mario Cecchini to try and grab some of those marketing dollars.


Good point Sheldon. Hopefully he is on top of this one

Not one of these companies is going to drop the Habs.

Time will tell.

Molson's smooth damage control did the trick. A case of sin now, repent later.

A 17 year old did a dumb thing but deserves a chance to redeem himself. But not so quickly. When he had said he didn't deserve to be drafted, the NHL should have removed him from the draft for a year.

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Agree Sheldon. I also think the Habs should not have drafted him to begin with.

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Habs are a religion and like Pedo Priests, they can get away with anything.


What exactly are they getting away with?

Wow, equating the Habs drafting Mailloux with Pedo priests.

There is such a thing as degree. One is worse than the other.

Other than shock value, is there a reason you post here?

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Tell me one other business in Quebec that could get away with this with zero repercussion other than the Habs or the Catholic Church?

That's my point. Take your time thinking about it.

Again...get away with what?

Not losing sponsors or customers. You of all people know that Habs have different privileges. As for the 17 year old kid. I think it is crazy what the Wokes are trying to do to him. Gonna really freak them out when they realize they can't cancel the Habs. I am enjoying that very much :slight_smile:

Even Prime Minister Prince Blackface of Peoplekind couldn't land a blow.

Getting away with something implies they did something wrong or illegal.

What did they do that was wrong or illegal?

That is your interpretation.

Uh huh

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(get away with something) to manage to do something bad without being punished or criticized for it . They have repeatedly broken the law and got away with it.
to escape blame or punishment when you do something wrong, or to avoid harm or criticism for something you did:

They got plenty of criticism for it

Ok....So then what was it that they did that they got away with?

They got away with not getting cancelled by their sponsors.

Sorry....MY bad I asked the wrong question
What did they do that they got away with?

Cause its you...

They got away with drafting a kid that their sponsors would not be caught dead associated with in this era of Cancel Culture. Even the Prime Minister attacked the team and when he got no results Bettman pipped in to slam the team. Seeing him angry made this even better.

It will be interesting if the guy will ever skate for his team.

He wont but
How long is this kid supposed to pay for his mistake?

He paid his long should he be punished? Should he never get a job?
Should he be homeless?
Should we boycott McDonalds if he gets a job making fries?
I know where you are coming from and why you feel the way you do(You told me) But where does it end?

Apparently there was a topic on the radio the other day about a 17 year old girl doing the exact same thing! No outrage there! WHy?

I am trying to find a reference to it and will post it is I ca find it

But why is no one outraged that an 18 year old adult woman was having sex with a minor child?

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