Als Management Shows Als Misfortune!

It appears that Jesse Palmer is finished with the NFL and is talking of heading north to resume his quarterbacking skills in the CFL.I was amazed to read in the paper that Jim Popp was quoted today as saying that the Als will not attempt to solicit Jesse but "will wait for Jesse to call us."The Als are struggling offensively this season and Mr Popp you should get on the phone right away and entice Jesse to join the Alouettes! Calvillo appears to have lost a step and could use some support at the QB position.Jesse could become the younger second quarterback the Als need.Jesse would indeed have to prove himself in the CFL but with Calvillo fading it would be wise for the Als to recruit a younger QB.At minimum the Als could make a trade using this QB to obtain manpower especially if Ottawa comes back to the CFL.Priority of management must be to recruit another QB.Jesse has been the first Canadian to make it as QB in the NFL and would be a valuable addition to the Alouettes.All Canadians would welcome a native who is also a competent QB.Come on Mr Popp-get on the phone!

I don't think Palmer could do any better when the ball is snapped, and immediately there's 3 guys in his face...

no way that Palmer is gonna be the Al's savior. Your just setting up for a big let down thinking he is the"one"

With the way Nealon's interception percentage is approaching his completion percentage, I'd settle for Mr. Popp finding the "two."

Palmer a Saviour? No... but neither is Cavillo..

The true saviour for Montreal right now (in my humble opinion) would be a more creative and balanced offensive attack, starting by getting back to basics. Establish a running game to keep the defenders honest and boost your offensive line's confidence. Patience is also needed - Cavillo seems to be looking too deep of late as opposed to more shorter and often effective ones which inevitably open up the deep ball.

If Palmer has any advantage (and only after sufficient time to reacquaint himself with 3 down football) it will be that he is more of an unknown to the defenses of the league. That, I believe, is the advantage a Rocky Butler and Buck Pierce enjoy now. They are quality QBs who had not previously played often enough for defenses to properly read. In time, they will be easier to defend against although I believe that they still have more than enough talent to overcome familiarity (Pierce is almost a carbon copy of Dickenson).