Als make a trade!

CJAD reported that the Als have traded Alain Kashama to the Cats for a draft pick!

TSN has the story as well

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Why the exclamation mark?

Bowman's play this year has reduced Kashama to a spare part, just as it did to Ellis.

Don't like this at all. With Ellis gone and Kashama traded, where's our depth at rush end if someone gets injured? And why make this trade now if all we're getting is a pick? What was the urgency?

120k for the backup of a backup. Weren’t you one of the ones complaining that Popp had lost a draft pick for blowing the SMS?

Had no idea Kashama was making 120k, that’s crazy. That being said, Popp’s the one who gave him that money in the first place.

As for the SMS, you must be confusing me with someone else. Most of why we were over the cap was injury-related in any case. I certainly wasn’t happy to lose the pick, but I never tarred and feathered Popp for it.

Actually all of why the were over the cap was humanitarian related.....
The amount they were over was pretty much the same amount they payed so that Charboneau(I think it was Charboneau) would not lose his insurance