Als mad at montreal mayor

Montreal Alouettes president Larry Smith got what he wanted, a meeting with Montreal's mayor to push his project to expand Percival Molson Stadium.

Smith and mayor Gerald Tremblay are to talk on June 29, he said Thursday.

Smith turned to the media this week to express his frustration at perceived municipal foot-dragging on the project.

''It's essential to our survival that this gets done, so there really is a sense of urgency,'' Smith said.

The Alouettes hope to add about 5,000 seats to the 20,202-seat facility on the McGill University campus.

The federal and Quebec governments have committed between $10.2 million and $10.3 million each to the more than $30 million expansion. The Alouettes will put in $4.6 million, leaving $4.4 million as the city's contribution.

The city is reportedly banking on getting its share of the cash from provincial legislation that would allow it to bring back an amusement tax on concerts, sports events and other shows. The bill is expected to be debated in the fall.

Smith doesn't want to wait that long.

''We've been waiting long enough,'' he said. ''People have to make decisions.''

He said the Alouettes cannot make a profit and may not be able to stay in business beyond 2010 without the extra seating.

Between the expansion, repairs to the nearly 90-year-old building and the installation of a scoreboard, owner Robert Wetenhall will have invested $8 million in a stadium that is owned by McGill, Smith added.

Tremblay is a %#$@% for more that just this reason

Is he a liberal Ro ---------- Just asking!

He spends like a conservative.....and always on the wrong stuff

OK just thought I would get some background on this guy. So what do you think the hold up is on approval?

I have not heard what the exact holdup is.....He promised the money but has not coughed it up yet.

Is prob because it will interfere with his 10 billion dollar streetcar plans

The guy went to France and now all he talks about is putting in a streetcar up the mountain.

Another tree hugger anti sport mentality, just like here in Toronto with David Miller and there are plenty more.
Halifax, QC, ___________________(you fill in the blank)

I dont believe he is a tree hugger or anti-sports. He did promise the cash in the first place.

I have no respect for the guy!

He wanted to change the name of Park Avenue to Robert Bourassa Blvd. The merchants and residents of the area presented him with a petition of 45,000 names of people who don't want the name changed.

He responded with "So what" What about the million people who did not sign? They obviously want the name changed.

He eventually dropped the idea at the request of the family of the late Quebec premier.

Kudos the Als' owner though. It sounds as if he is really making a serious effort with that team and stadium.

I dont think many owners would put up 4 million into a stadium that he doesnt own!

Good for Larry, give the clown an ultimatum and walk with the team if he does not.

What sucks is the only way the 5K seats get added is if a what 10% amusement tax gets added, means all 25K seats will get taxed 10%.

get 25% more seats, to lose 10% or raise ticket prices by 10% for all 25K seats.

Just do it and give the Als and excemption(only Als, still tax grey cup games to give some money from football)
Those 5K seats mean alot, something like 1M-1.5M per year in just ticket Revenue(20-30$ tickets)

They should be sold out considering there is a 2-3K person waiting list for season tickets.

The amusement tax and the expansion are 2 seperate issues. The Quebec gov passed bill 22 yesterday which gives Montreal to implement it own taxes.

They can now tax anything they want and have discussed taxing sproting events, resturants, movie tickets and even the bridges onto the island.

He has to get his 10 billion for the streetcar somewhere.

Its only $4 million and change! What is the friggin holdup? Its not like its another potential Olympic Stadium mess or anything. Its no wonder Montreal lost the Expos with crappy leadership like this.

not only is barnes correct about just taxing the seating. You can also hold larger events there in the off-season. which would generate more revenue. This mayor seems a little weak in the thinking department.

ya, they should build it so the fans could come.

BUILD IT! 4M, I wonder how much money the city will get back through construction. that is going to be a decent amount of people employed mostly by the feds/Province(20M + 5M from the Als)

Let the team survive and get their extra 1M+ per year.(if their on par with the current cheapest seats at Molson, but they'll likely average more around the 25-30$(average) 1.5M, although some games are played at olympic now so not sure how that modifies things, there are also taxes)
Let an extra 50K fans see CFL football each year, from Molson.
With the extra seating at Molson the Als no longer need the Big Owe, it is an option but not really needed.

Move the Als to Ottawa??
Just a thought.

I think I'd rather they move Frank Clair Stadium to Montreal. :lol:

Molson Stadium is better then Frank Clair as we speak. Montreal is the best football city in Canada(imho. I doubt they'll be moving, much less to Ottawa. Don't worry I still belive Ottawa should and will get a football club :stuck_out_tongue:

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The city of Montreal has pledged financial support to the proposed 5,000 seat Percival Molson Stadium expansion to go ahead as planned.

Mayor Gerald Tremblay told reporters Friday that details will be announced in the coming weeks, but he said the city's financial contribution would not necessarily be tied to an explicit share of the city's imminent amusement tax.

"We are extremely happy," said Alouettes vice president Claude Rochon. "This deal is finally going to get done."

Club president Larry smith said the mayor impressed upon the Alouettes delegation in an hour long meeting that the city continues to be in a weak financial position.

"We have always supported this project," said the mayor, noting the city already contributed $4 million to the first phase of modernization in 2003.

The Alouettes have been seeking $4 million for the city as part of the $29.3 million expansion project.

The mayor has said public hearings will be held before any new taxes is introduced. The amusement tax was one of several possible new tax powers contained in a provincial legislation tabled this month.

The Alouettes open their regular season tonight as they host the Saskatchewan Roughriders in the 20,202 seat stadium.