Als lose Bourke to Argos

According to @TSNDaveNaylor - #Argos have signed OL Josh Bourke to a 2-year deal #CFLFA #TSN

Our O-line surely needed an upgrade now so I like this one.

Good stuff

As I said in the Als forum, best of luck to Josh. Can't blame him for wanting to think about top dollar in what might be his last CFL contract. He's a star and he'll be missed in Montreal.

Herb Zurkowsky @HerbZurkowsky1
Josh Bourke will be paid in the $230,000-$240,000 range by @TorontoArgos. Received close to that from #Als - but wanted him for less now.

go after Wattman also at OL. he is only 26

Cory Watman signed in Toronto

Similar to when Toronto signed Fatty Murphy back in 2009 - - big name OT who's a shadow of what he was. Despite this, Bourke is still a big upgrade over Fatty Van Zeyl.

As I've been saying for the past two seasons, Watman is not a starting calibre OLineman. Each time I pointed this out, Rider Fan would throw a tantrum and try to deny reality.

Replaced in Regina by Andrew Jones - - guess he wasn't such a key building block of the future after all.

Watman has done respectable and is someone who could potentially be a starter...definitely not a starter here and now though. When he finally got some reps last season he ended up doing fairly well. He actual snapping was better than Clark's but he got run over a lot. When he moved over to RG his pass blocking was respectable but his run blocking was weak. He is a good depth guy who may or may not amount to much. Any ways around it...wasted pick for sure...should have went a couple rounds later.