Als looking to trade or release Stokes

Keith Stokes' second tour of duty with the Als consisted only of voluntary offseason workouts and a handful of practises at Training Camp Fort St. Jean. And even before he leaves Camp, GM/Coach Jim Popp was not ruling out Stokes returning--as soon as Friday!

The Als announce they're looking to trade or release Stokes and Donovan Carter in the days leading up to final CFL roster moves. Popp says its out of respect to the CFL veterans. Avon Cobourne has won the kick-return job again, and is too valuable on special teams and as a backup running back and linebacker to be let go. Stokes was unable to prove he could also win a starting job on the reciever corps

told ya stokes was no good for the als.

Disappointing, because I am really not crazy about Cobourne. Dammit, Stokes, what's wrong with your head?

Truthfully, no big surprise, both guys are past their prime, imo.

I dont understand the part where Popp says he is not ruling out Stoke’s return by Friday! :?

I do not think they will get a trade done. With teams cutting done there is plenty of talent to choose from. Cubit is available and he is not bad with the right coaching and time.

Maybe as an injury replacement ?

i thought stokes would be an awesome returner for years until he turned into the "stay puffed marshmellow man".

It's sort of stupid to say that you're going to either trade or release a player. Why would any team want to lose a player in trading for Stokes, now that they know that he's probably going to be released by Saturday(you'll be able to pick him up without losing any players)?

I was looking forward to Stokes running back kicks this year. However, he was a flop as a receiver with The Als, Winnipeg and Toronto. I guess that means Colbourne is back at returning kicks- he was only passable in that role last year. So the Als are still looking for that fast and elusive kick return player.

Maybe… Edmonton will pick them up?

Edmonton or Hamilton for Carter
Edmonton or Calgary? for Stokes

I bet Tillman will pick him, so the Riders can have yet another receiver they dont really need. lol

What happened to Landry returning kicks?

I think everyone was last year with those blocking rules. Just my opinion.

I believe that he was never medically cleared to play so he was let go.

i thought it was because his family lost literally everything in katrina...

Landry's family did lose a lot in Katrina. And he had a nagging injury that kept him out the whole season. But he himself requested his release because he wanted to play in Europe (?? odd, eh?). I wish him all the best. He was a great little pint-size kick returner.