Als looking at Marcus Brady

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Training camp is three months away, and the Alouettes are without an experienced backup quarterback following the release of Ted White.

This could be a moot point, as long as veteran Anthony Calvillo remains healthy. But the team also is contemplating signing Marcus Brady, who has spent four years in the CFL, with Toronto and Hamilton.

"We've talked about Brady," general manager Jim Popp revealed to The Gazette. "We've seen him play good in the league and not so good.

"It would be nice to go to training camp with someone experienced. But that doesn't mean we will. We'll evaluate it over the next few weeks, see if that's the direction we go, stick with the guys we have or get an NFL guy in."

When the 6-foot, 210-pound Brady was traded by Toronto to Hamilton in June 2004, many who follow the CFL suggested the Argonauts dealt the wrong backup quarterback, opting to retain Michael Bishop over Brady, who played sparingly in both cities, backing up Damon Allen in Toronto and Danny McManus with the Tiger-Cats.

Brady, 26, has passed for 1,907 yards and 10 touchdowns in his career.

"Is it the player or the guys surrounding him? Maybe it's what he was asked to do ... the system," Popp said. "Would a different surrounding be better? That's why we took a chance on Calvillo. This could be another situation like that.

"Brady has always played well against us."

Brady signed last month with the Rome Renegades of the Arena Football League (AFL). How that would impact or prevent him from signing with Montreal remains to be determined.

The Renegades' 14-game regular season begins next week and doesn't end until June 10, by which time the Als will have played two exhibition games and ended their camp.

Montreal could also reach out for Darnell Kennedy, who has CFL experience with Calgary and Ottawa. The Als, however, have no interest in aging veteran Khari Jones, best known for some productive years in Winnipeg.

There are also some well-known quarterbacks on the Als' negotiation list, including Joe Hamilton and Quincy Carter.

Hamilton, who spent time in the NFL with Tampa Bay and with Frankfurt in NFL Europe, visited Montreal in the summer of 2003 before opting to sign with Orlando of the AFL. He's considered one of the team's stars and is paid well. It's unlikely he'd come north unless guaranteed to start.

Carter had some productive NFL years with Dallas and the New York Jets before being released. "He won a lot of games," Popp said. "That might be a choice for us - if his price is right. But we're not actively pursuing it.

"These guys would be reluctant to come up and be a backup. Things might change if something happened to Anthony, like a season-ending injury."

Also lurking in the shadows is Jesse Palmer, a 2001 Als draft choice who has played for the New York Giants. Released last season by San Francisco, the Nepean, Ont., native continues pursuing the dream of remaining in the NFL.

The Als have three backup quarterbacks signed for the upcoming season - Ell Roberson, who has spent two years learning the system, along with CFL rookies Scott McBrien and Ryan Dinwiddie. Both have played in NFL Europe.

"We can go with who we have," Popp said. "We're very confident from a talent standpoint, although they haven't played a game in the league."

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When the Cats gave up on Calvillo, he was a young player with some experience as a #1 QB. Everyone was fairly sure that, with a year or two as a backup to a great player like Ham, Calvillo could learn the game well enough to become a star. But he wasn't able to get that in Hamilton.

Brady is a player who has little experience, some as a starter, but none as a #1 QB, who is at an age where he should be at the pinnacle of his career.

Can he become a legitimate starter after a couple of years backing up Calvillo? Personally, I doubt it.