ALS Logos And Jerseys Past And Present

[i] Johnny's all time favourite is the one from the mid to late 1970s. Here it is as a throwback uniform in 2010:

Johnny also loves the 2005-2006 alternate (even though we lost the 2005 Grey Cup with it):

The recent alternate Is the only one that Johnny hates. But Johnny REALLY HATES it! :cowboy:


Thanks for your input. I was hoping that Johnny would weigh in. :slight_smile:

I knew we could have a real football discussion. :thup:

I think it is clear that the popularity is between the 60's Reds and the 70's blue.

Hindsight is 20 /20. I should have done this as a poll.

I agree with Johnny. The recent MTL multi splash alternate is a :thdn: The Stamps all black outlaw is not much better :thdn:

Both Alternate helmets are fantastic. They should be kept.

I hate split helmets. Pick a colour and run with it I say.

I use, and right you are . Guess I just always think of Gordie and Glen "in the same breath"

On the 1st episode of the Alouettes Flightdeck podcast, Tim Capper said the team is going to retain that alternative jersey with maybe a few minor changes.

Sigh :frowning:

I've always liked the stylized Alouette bird on the helmet of the early '70's.

I was at that game, too. Loved it.
The old exhibition stadium in Toronto.