ALS Logos And Jerseys Past And Present

This is awkward and uncomfortable.

Here I am in the enemy camp.

Most of you most likely do not know me. For those who do , perhaps do not like me ( Johnny ).

Anyway, of all the CFL teams, none have had more change in jerseys, and logos then the Als.

I am just curious to the long term Als fans what was the most popular ?






91 - 92 - MONTREAL MACHINE - MAROON / SILVER ( the Machine were very popular in Montreal so I tossed this in )



With the exception of the BC Lions, most other teams keep things the same. Yet wow, the Als like change.

Can't answer this question, since I only really started following the team in the early 2000s, but hey, we haven't had any jersey changes in over 15 years. That's pretty stable.

They say you always remember your first, so as an old school fan I`ve always loved the 60-69 White helmet with the red wings.

The 60-69 play of the team is another story, certainly not much to love. We did have Angelo Mosca for awhile though. :smiley:

This is always going to be a personal preference or marked by how a team impacted you as a fan.


The Machine Uniforms were some of the nicest ever in football. Burgundy,blue and Silver is to this day unique and the apparels were wearable every day because of the subdued colour combination and smart use of Burgundy (brown neutral)

The ugliest by far but also the most collectable believe it or not are the Green with red pinstripes of the early seventies. They are the rarest because they were around for a very short time. I've tried to bid on these items over the years when they come up and they are always snapped up at a very high price.

The Seventies Red White Blue from the "Olympics" era are the uniforms that identify the team the most. This is the era where the team was the most popular in Montreal's pro football history.

The Current Uniforms for me are and have always been too busy and too close to the New England Patriots and that is on purpose. Because the concept was put together by Larry Smith to motivate our current owner to get involved with the Als since he had owned the Patriots in the past. The current Uniforms Red, White and Blue are an homage to our American owner more than anything else but that's ok. Because without Bob there would be no Football in Montreal.

L'uniforme de 74-81 a toujours été mon préféré, suivi par l'uniforme de 70-73, le premier dont je me rappelle.

That is interesting info on the current uniforms.

Those were used as a " special third" in 1999.
TSN had reported they were to represent the red jersey's of the past and look like the design of the blues from 74-81.

I had assumed they were brought in full time in 2000 due to fan popularity.

Thanks , was not aware of the input from L.Smith in regards to Bob W.

BTW, the Machine helmets / jerseys were maroon, not burgundy.
It is a common oversight like teal and aqua.

I have never been a fan of changing uniforms, logos...etc. Take, for example, the Montreal Canadiens' uni. If someone were ever to even suggest a change, there would likely be blood in the streets! Just joking - I hope! And, by the way, those unis are as "retro" as you can get. The Maple Leafs made a few minor changes to theirs, but it is essentially the same uniform with which most people are familiar.

In the NCAA and NFL, the team colours, logos...etc. remain the same as they are the very identity of the team, as it should be.

A few "upgrades" from time to time can be made, but in the Als' case, these were wholesale changes. The history of football in Montreal is also very chequered. We had a team, we didn't have a team; we were part of the CFL, WLAF...etc. So, changes in unis, I suppose, went along with having a team (or not!) in this city.

I rather like the one they now have, which is in itself an amalgam of the former Baltimore Stallions', and the inclusion of red as a throwback to the original unis. These things have become marketing strategies to sell very expensive team jerseys to fans, but I sincerely hope that they will stop this nonsense of changing unis every few years.

Now, my only concern this season is for the fans to be proud of the team wearing those uniforms!

That's fine when you have a clean classic look. Its kind of like Wardrobe staples... Levis Denim jacket or Stan Smith trainers for example. But when you have a cartoon on your helmet and a mess of colours...

I'm with you there Sheldon, 100%

Who's idea was it to give Woody Woodpecker sharp teeth ?

The same bunch who put put a cartoon dinosaur on a basketball jersey.

If you look at the logo and you leave the "A in motion" and take out the cartoon bird you got a damn nice helmet. For me the Squadron tribute helmet from last season should become the official helmet.

Please correct me if I am wrong.

Without doing any research, I believe there are only 2 players who had played in the first 3 jersey's I listed.

SONNY WADE 69 - 78


I care more about the players and wins than the logo and jersey.


I will tell you why. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Here you have thousands of people wearing the team jersey in the stands.

The league thinks, all these people need to back in the store buying new gear.
Lets change the jersey and force them to buy all new stuff. Repeat customers.

So do I but if a guest inquires, why not engage them ?


1969 Als (Big John Baker, Peter Dalla Riva, Dennis Duncan, Caroll Williams) were the first team a truly remember following but ...

,,, 1970 Als were "my" first Grey Cup (Sonny Wade, Bruce VanNess, Moses Denson, Terry Evanshen, Judges & Weir at DT, Smear & Boors at DE, Widger-Collins-Kosmos at LB, Merl Code on the corner, Gene Gaines babysitting the DBs)

OK did a little research with the names you provided.

Gaines 61 70-76, Judges started in 68, but the records show Weir did not join the Als until 72. ( wiki )
That does not matter as to how many wore the 3 different jersey's.
It was just a side note I brought up.

Thanks for your detailed input .

Like MadJack and Sheldon,I liked the white helmet with the red wings. In the fifties I just recall the red sweater and helmet although I thought the all white uniform looked sharp. In the mid fifties I recall just the re color of the sweaters but, sometimes the team dressed in an all white uniform which, I thought was really great. The green and red uniform had a short shelf life but, the team won a Grey Cup in them in 1970. I had a blow up Als figure in the green/red uniform. My young boys destroyed this blow up figure to my dismay. It used to sit on the top of our color TV. I wonder if any of you guys can even imagine watching a football game in black and white. Moving to Niagara, in 1971, my brother in law of the RCMP told me that the customs had seized a color TV and, I submitted a winning bid for it and, their after have always watching my team in color- now with big screen and surround sound. At this point I wish the team would get rid of the cartoon on the helmet.

I remember those blow ups. In the 70's my dad would buy one for me every time we went to a game featuring that team. Those little guys were cool.

I was able to collect most. The only 2 I was unable to get was Montreal and Ottawa.
Wish I still had them. The Stamps one is the one I really miss.
Well, with any inflate , they come to an end.

The company that made them, still exists.

And you wonder why some people don't like you?! :smiley: