From one kitty species to another. Ian Mofford sits in my section. He was special teams captain with the ALS in the 70s. Maybe he could give the STs some pointers. I expect there will be more folk for this game.

If,as Marc Trestman said, Brandon London is out 2 to 4 weeks, the Als may have to bring a WR. Will Jamel be OK?/100%? Presently,there is only 1 receiver-Jayson Foster- on practice roster.

As I wrote before, I would like the Als to sign Doug Pierce from Winnipeg's practice roster; he was very good in pre-season. He is 6.05,196 and 25 years old. Please sign him,Jim.


There's no way a raw rookie gets signed and thrown into a game ahead of someone already on the roster. If Jamel and London can't go, Deslauriers is going to see a lot of action, and Guy and Bowling will be featured more in five-receiver sets. If we need a reserve body, we'll activate Foster. Richard, I agree that we should sign Pierce, but as a long-term project, not as someone who is going to be a contributor right now.

I never like myself when I say this but: gooooooo esks on monday.

(gaspchokevomit :x )

It is a big stake of a game [and to mention the Argos are on the up swing]; Eskies win keeps distance from Calgary and Sask., thus Montreal also gains distance since the Big Lions are up next for two games; we get Calgary. For tomorrow;
Go Riders..

Ha! ha! Good one, 234, and I fully concur!

I, too, am an Esks fan on Monday!

That must be hard for you too. :wink:

Oufff next week is gonna be hard. Watching Lulay, is he going to pass?? is he going to run?? is he going to hand it off to Harris?? Our defence better be watching this game. And if Wpg doesnt manage to get a td, it will be something like 18 quarters there defence doesnt allow a TD. BIG BIG BIG BIG test these next 2 weeks!!! :roll:

Lulay has it pretty easy TBH. That offense barely has to put up any points with the way the defense is playing.

10-8 lions in the 3rd quarter. Man am I glad we're out of winnipeg.

11-10 bombers. They're softening up the lions nicely.

If our defence shows up next week, we have AC they have Elliot, thats where the difference is. Let's just hope for sunny sky's, :rockin: last friday night game of the year at molson stadium. Lets kick ass and keep the beer flowing!!!

Second game of the week decided on a last second FG. Lions pull one out of the fire.

These two games against the lions are really going to show what kind of team we have whether we have what it takes to go on a grey cup run or if we will bow out of the playoffs early again this year

a sweep is not beyond reason. i expect both games to go down to the wire.

I`ve always wondered why Chapdelaine uses hand signals to send in the calls rather than the helmet earphone. Anyone know why ? Unless no one has told them about it. :smiley:

In Major League Baseball they do that; a certain signal is in the hand display from what I gather.

But isnt that more vulnerable to errors or having signals stolen, although theres no Belichick in the CFL. It just seems to make more sense to just tell the QB what the play is.

Go Esks Go on Monday!

glurb getting queasy again. maybe if I took some Gravol. :lol:

Anyone see Creehan last night holding up gigantic neon cards with numbers on them ? LOL !