Als-Lions II

I know it's a little early for this one, but I thought I might just as well get in under way.

The Als have showed us some character over the last 4 games so I will allow myself some optimism. To be a great team, you have to beat the best. Arguably, the Lions enjoyed that title going back to their amazing finish last season. They will no doubt be preparing for us next Saturday, as we will for them. I'm not sure whether Geroy Simon will be back or not.

I hope that Jamel will be back, or, even better, both J Rich and London. I must say that the 2nd-stringers racheted up their game, as they had to. Deslauriers had some key grabs as well. All I ask of the D is to get that one extra stop, which they indeed got last game.

The next game may be more of the same. I say that AC has to go to some of the same guys to allow SJ (and J Rich, I hope!) to manoeuvre into space. Whitaker has to have a great game as well.

On D, the key to the W, IMO, was that they kept Lulay running all game. While hurried throws don't always make for interesting statistics, they are vital to gaining Ws. We have to do that again on Saturday!

We still have half a season to go, and anything can happen in the CFL, so I won't speculate on how we finish, the EF, or the GC. First things first - let's get a W on Saturday! What Duke Snider used to say about baseball is also true of football. The ones you win in April, you don't have to worry about in September. So, a let's get a W on Saturday!

Go Als go!

Ok who do we want from Hamilton or Winnipeg, they will be cleaning house soon! The curse of the superstar signing in Hamilton continues! Fantuz where have u been.

[i]C'est vrai!

George Cortez: FLOP
Andy Fantuz: FLOP
Samuel Giguere: FLOP

Any one of their cornerbacks or halfbacks we could takes. None of them is worse than Osaisai...[/i]

With a game every week it's never too early. I was tired of starting threads anyway. Nothing to lose here so let's get 'er done. :thup:

Richardson coming back will help a lot (assuming he is ready to go this week). For one thing, it means less of Bo Bowling and Eric Deslauriers, and it gives us a bit more flexibility in terms of running five-receiver sets. We've been leaning heavily on the four-receiver and double tight-end sets in recent weeks, mainly because Trestman (correctly) would rather have Lavoie and/or Bomben on the field than Deslauriers and Bowling in most situations.

All that said, I don't expect a win this week. BC Place has been our graveyard the past decade, and afternoon game or not, we never put forward our best effort there.

Was Rod Davis playing friday, or was he just a non factor?

He played, and was definitely a factor. No, he didn't have stats, but he was in Lulay's face all game on the pass rush. Not his best game of the season, but he wasn't terrible. The way this defense works, different players are going to shine every week because of all the weird stunts and exotic blitz looks we can throw at other teams. While we don't have any one person who has as many sacks, as, say, Keron Williams in BC, we're still near the top of the league in sacks as a team.

One thing I want from our defense: a bit more controlled aggression / discipline in terms of sticking with gaps and reads. Re-watching the Hamilton game, I noticed that Hebert got burned when he jumped the QB on the pass rush, leading to a big Cobourne gain on the ground off play action. A few plays later, Ingram got victimized crashing down on Cobourne and not respecting Burris's ability to get outside the pocket and make plays. Emry blew coverage on Cobourne in the red zone, chasing a crossing route that other players had covered instead of sticking with the RB, his primary coverage assignment. And this past week, Jerald Brown got caught peeking at the QB on the second Bruce TD.

I love that our guys are looking to make plays, but at crucial moments, we can't have those kinds of breakdowns on a regular basis. Trust the system, stay with your assignment / gap, and let all 12 men beat the opposing offense.

Lions could also have Solomon Elimimian back in their fold. Was cut by the Browns and is now in BC.

While I hope for a W, I am not necessarily expecting one either. However, you play professional sports to win, not just merely to look good in losing.

There have been "must win" situations for the Als to get things going this season, but I believe that this game is really the statement game. If we are to make it to the GC, which is in Toronto, it will essentially be an away game. Outside of Montreal, we don't have enough fans to drown out the other team's fans, so we are always the visitors. Further, we have to find a way to win on the road.

So, I hope we have a great game plan for this one, and that our guys make Lulay run for his life even more in this game. BC Place has not been kind to the Als for more than a decade, but this game will tell us something about the mettle of this team.

Go Als go!

True, but I doubt he starts this week. Nothing wrong with BC's linebacking corps (Bighill has been a great replacement for Elimimiam) and it would a rush job just to get him a few practices and up to speed on what Stubler is doing defensively.

yes, but could rotate him in there if in fact he does end up playing with them. Now they have Bighill and Elimimiam rotating in every few plays... that could be even tougher LB corps.

True enough, but then an import has to come off the roster somewhere else, and Benevides might not want to do that just so Elimimiam can rotate with Bighill. You're right, though, it is a possibility.

good point. Will be interesting to see what may happen, if anything at all.

Looking at the Als roster-on Als site- I see that Jayson Foster-WR/KR- and Marques Murrell-DE- are no longer on the active or practice roster; they must have been released. Active roster is at 44,i.e. 23 imports and 21 non-imports.

According to RDS, J.P. Bekasiak could play in BC,along with Jamel Richardson; Seth Williams was practising. May play. Trent Guy-WR/WR -was not practising along with Brandon London.

I would not be surprised if Bear Woods,-LB- coming off the 9 game injury list, is added to active roster; Trent Guy could be added to 1 game injury list.

Non-imports WRs Liam Mahoney and Ezra Millington have been added to the practice roster.

A few moves for this saturday's game.


Not surprised about Murrell. Lockley has definitely outplayed him this year. I'm a little surprised Foster got the axe so quickly. If Guy isn't healthy, I guess Victor Anderson and Bowling will be on kick-return duty.

According to RDS, J.P. Bekasiak could play in BC,along with Jamel Richardson; Seth Williams was practising. May play. Trent Guy-WR/WR -was not practising along with Brandon London.
Sincerely hope all three are back this week. J.P. gives us great rotation depth at DT.
I would not be surprised if Bear Woods,-LB- coming off the 9 game injury list, is added to active roster
I doubt he'll play unless someone is injured. All four of our starting LBs (Cox, Ingram, Davis, and Emry) are playing well, and we need Dublanko and Ridgeway as backups for ratio reasons and ST duties.

I don't expect him to play but to be added to the active roster; he would be a healthy scratch.


From Trestman`s media scrum on RDS, it appears Williams should also be good to go Sat.

Herb to his credit asked some hard questions about our not so special teams, and the coach`s answers are not going to be well received by some of us here.

Just read the TSN piece and apparently Elimimiam has a 10-day window in which to catch on with another NFL team. Don't know if he wants to use that 10-day window, but hopefully he won't be a Lion again until after we're done with BC. :stuck_out_tongue:

no complaints on that one :smiley:

What?! What did coach T say? If he's denying a problem with special teams, Johnny gonna take a fit :cowboy: