als-lions II

Tough loss but I'll sleep ok tonight. Great plays by Brouillette and Deslauriers. Seriously. :wink:

Had we won the Stamps would have been guaranteed to finish no better than 3rd. Therefore their last game at home against winnipeg would not have mattered and they might have given it away forcing the als to have to win in bc to clinch 1st place in spite of beating the stamps. :expressionless:

Now the bomber-stamps game DOES count for Calgary and that gives us one more crack at first place if we can pull off a win in bc combined with a bomber loss. Worst case scenario we're alive for another week hosting hamilton in the east semi but please don't stop believing. :slight_smile:

Some impressive "mental gymnastics"
To convince yourself everything is OK

Nothing wrong with positive thinking
Hopefully you're right

In any case...we've got one more crack at it
Against the 2nd most potent pass-rush in the league

So who gets the start?
Just kidding
Sort of...


That’s an easy question, it’s the same guy that that gets the finish and everything in between regardless of how he plays. At this point Id be kinda shocked if the als even make it back to the grey cup the way they’ve been playing in pressure games this year

I’ll do you one “better”
I’ll be shocked if the Alouettes under Calvillo even get to the East Final
Both BC and Hamilton bring tons of pressure
And we all know what that means

We dug our own hole, we deserve to be where we are now. Im ready to put down "un vieux 2 piasse" that we will not come out of BC place with a win. I dont like thinking this way but it is what it is.

The only nice thing im going to say is M-O Brouillette is a keeper. He's in the Als for life category. He's the "i would buy that guys jersey category".

Give me a dozen more like him
Speed, size and determination
Makes me wonder what kind of quarterback he was

A lot of guys had big games. Chip Cox, Billy Parker, MarcO, Flory. Calgary did a great job of mixing up their offense, they used the entire field and made our defense look old and slow. Our secondary is incapable of covering more than 15 yards and on top of getting beat have the nasty habit of holding and obstructin in the end zone,Dline was negated by using the width of the field, that was exposed by Garrett last week and Calgary built their game plan around it. With all of that we still would have won the game had the team not taken all these selfish penalties. When you look at the lack of enthousiasm on special teams and lack of discipline. It is pretty obvious some guys lack respect for their coach "tuning out" or maybe a lack of accountability because of all the injuries and success.

We also need to find a punter, kickoff guy with a leg, maybe Mcknight will be that guy.

We have to hope that the defense can improve instantly with the return of Emry and Brown.

IMO this is the last year for a lot of guys on this team and if Flory and Bourke defect. Als pretty much will be rebuilding wether they want to or not. I also agree that AC has faded badly as the season progressed, it is most obvious when he runs or tries to put extra force on his throws. Huge difference between June and now. I don't think it is a good plan to expect him to handle 18 games next season. He can still play but he needs to accept that he will have to share the responsabilities IMO.

Well, I think I'll keep my posts down to a precious few.

This has been the most aggravating season I can recall. I have been an Als fan for years and suffered with the losing seasons... But this edition of the Als takes the cake! One would think that with the all-time passer in football history, the league's leading receiver, leading rusher...we would fair better in the W-L column. Frankly, a couple of Ws this season could quite easily have gone the other way!

I realize that we have had major problems with the secondary, but the fact of the matter is that we just couldn't sustain drives, and AC (sigh!) was once again off his game, despite what the final stats may say. Jamel dropped a sure TD, although it was zipped, and we got beat deep - often! So, AC didn't lose the game all by himself. I am frankly befuddled why AC isn't yanked when he isn't producing, at least for a few series. Opposing DCs have figured out our O schemes by this point and things simply aren't getting better. Today's game was a clone of last week's.

In spite of this, we still have a shot, but it is a long shot at this point. Traditionally, we don't do well in BC, and Winnipeg still has to lose their final game against the Stamps. Frankly, I am not optimistic about our chances for a 3-peat any more! I would dearly love to be proved wrong on this one, but I just don't see the chemistry there any more.

Well, Mr. Trestman, you've been a great coach, but now you will definitely have to earn your salary. All's not well in Alsville and you're going to have to pull a few rabbits out of your hat!

He “was” a talented QB.

He can start by mixing up his play calling instead of pass, pass, pass.

Nothing is going to change :frowning:

Should Winnipeg win against Calgary,next saturday's afternoon, our late saturday game against BC will mean nothing in the standings,at least to us; if this scenario does happen-Winnipeg wins- I expect that the Als will sit a few players; mind you,they can't sit too many,since they have to prepare an active roster-46 players- based on scenario that the game will be important to us.

If Winnipeg wins,I expect the Als to sit Brandon Whitaker and replace him with Emmanuel Marc; I would also expect Adrian to play QB for most of the game.

Injuries. I expect Watkins to be replaced by Jeraill McCuller-I,OL-,particularly if Bourke is unable to play; an non-import OL-John Hashem could play,instead of McCuller; if so,then Bear Woods-I,LB- or BO Bowling-I,WR- could play.

Personnally, I don't expect the Als to win in Vancouver; most of the time we lose; last year was an exception.


Both Bourke and Watkins have been placed on the 9 game injury list by the Als.. Kerry suffered a fracture of the left fibula while Josh sustained a torn pectoral muscle.

Anxious to see/learn who will replace them,at least on 46 player active roster.


Can bet money they won't be non imports...

Losing Josh at this stage of the season kills us. Too little time for the line to gel with his repacement. :frowning:

Yep, that’s pretty much the death knell to our playoff chances. Crazy that the line stayed healthy the whole season, only to have arguably the most important position (left tackle) go down with a season-ending injury in week 18.

Par for the course... been bad luck all year.

IMO if we have even mediocre luck with injury on defense, we’ve probably locked up first place by now. I mean, we lost Brown in the first damn quarter of the first damn game of the season. That’s arguably our best cover guy and shutdown inside HB, gone for the entire 2011 regular season. Then Estelle goes down six games in. Our other top cover guy and shutdown corner gone for two-thirds of the 2011 regular season. Boulay, Brouillette, Emry – all missing at least 9 games due to various injuries. Anderson, whatever his status is. The backup safety is out for 9. Two guys are playing with casts on their hands (Hecht and Bowman). Just abominable luck. :frowning:

Main reason why we can't be too critical of the 2011 regular season; injuries occur to every team,but not as bad as the Als/not to the same group of players. If players retire,sign elsewhere,during the off-season,it is easier to prepare than when long term injuries,occur early in the season. No Als DB/CB will be nominated as Eastern All Stars. Dix was released,Hecth was not drafted,Laybourn was released along with Williams,although in his defence he was hurt in the last pre-season game. These are our starters.


At this late stage the Als will have to go with McCuller at LT or perhaps RT, with Perrett switching over to LT.

We will also lose an import at receiver and we will get to see Deslauriers.

Really tough luck for Bourke. As much as I want him back next season, all players should be allowed to pursue their NFL ambitions.

As for Watkins, Richard`s voodoo doll finally kicked in. We all pretty much agreed this would be his final season, but no one wants to see an Alouette veteran go out this way.