Als/Lions Gameday Thread

im not trying to insult any als fans here at all RO im just saying i think he should have let it go and just taken the victory, i had alot of respect for trestman. he is still a great coach, wallys standpoint, IMO was to show his players he hasnt given up on them even while down so bad. but again when your winning by 30 points and there is only 5 minutes left. and you challenge a play like that. just not alot of respect there. doesnt take away from your victory in the slightest tho. everyone played hard and never let up. congrats montreal, even tho we all knew you would be there :smiley: :thup:

I understand what you are saying.....
LIke I said I think MT challanged because the refs didnt go to replay when they should have

That reminded me a couple years ago when Charlie Taffe lost it on Doug Berry because the Bombers were allegedly running up the score.

My suggestion to that is dont suck so much. This is pro football, you dont want the other team run up the score or challenge when the game isnt in doubt, then dont let them blow you out.

And that something Id be saying regardless the circumstances..

Herb still saying the offense wouldn't carry the day? :lol:

either way what wally does down by 30 points isnt quite as much of an impact as what trestman does up by 30. not saying thats how it should be but as the leading team your watched a little more closely. also when your down that much frustration comes up. either way ive always thot trestman to be a class act. i was a little extreme i guess when i say that ive lost all respect, but i was expecting more from him in that aspect. ONCE again tho for everyone else calling me a troll congrats on the win, if calgary loses to ssk im cheering for the als in that one. so to answer your question Hxtc no i dont NOT like mike kelly. :smiley:


This is almost funny... Here we should be celebrating a terrific Als victory and instead we're wasting bandwidth trying to argue an inconsequential point from someone who isn't even an Als fan!

Do you really care if there's one non-Als fan out there who's lost respect for Trestman?!!!

So we know now it's going to be Sask and quite frankly, I'd prefer to play them for a number of reasons:

1 The game's in Calgary. It would have been a home game for them. The crowd will still probably favor Sask BUT there'll probably be a lot of Westerners who'd prefer to see Sask not win, so I don't think we'll face such a noisy hostile crowd as we would have with Calgary.

2 Possibility exists that Calgary would have been "still in our heads" had they won. Now we face a team that we really don't have much of a history against. (I think this might be the 1st time we've met them in a Grey Cup.)

3 In one of our 2 games against them, we clobbered them. That has to be in their heads.

This is not to say Sask won't be tough. They're a good, solid, hard-nosed, traditional football team. We'll need our "A" game to beat them...

Don't you hate guys who say, "I told you so." Well here's a chance to hate me guys because below is my quote from the "Fess up" thread. :smiley:

"To be honest, I think the Lions are gonna get spanked, and spanked hard in this game. The 1st quarter will start out pretty even, maybe even an edge to BC as the Als shake out the cobwebs and their nervousness. After that, I think it's gonna be all Als. The Als are gonna be taking BC seriously and that's really bad news for BC."

Toe Blake once said that predicting is for gypsies and I usually agree with him, but this one is too sweet not to gloat. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, big ups, man, you called it! :cowboy: