Als/Lions Gameday Thread

Alright fellow dirty birds, time to settle in and see if the Als are for real this year!

Als gotta watch those penalties and pick up the tackling...Lions drive should have been stopped a few plays ago.


Great run by Andrew Hawkins!


Great turnover and touchdown, and now a great interception!

Long game though, but still...great performance by the Als so far.


GUTSY and risky call on going shotgun with 3rd and 1. Lucky it worked, but I'm always nervous WHENEVER the Als go 3rd and 1.


That's one team I want them to leave battle scars on...


That BC TD is entirely on you! Stop thinking highlights and catch the f'n ball!

First mistake of the year man, take it easy. he's earned respect.

That's the way we do it at the Big O baby!

Awesome TD play!

I hope you guys win the Grey Cup. You deserve it as you have proven that youre the best team. AC is one of the best QBs to ever play, he should have more then 1 GC. Return the favor to the Stamps...

Sigh, congrats.

Crossover is not a good proposition. Thanks for being a good sport... Lions fans always are :thup:

I wonder if we'll see Cobourne in the second half. Pretty impressive that the Als have put up 31 points with only 30 yards rushing on 7 plays!

i have lost all respect for marc trestman as a coach. 49-18 and you challenge that play. complete lack of sportsmanship.

I saw a similar post on the Bomber forum and I don't see what the issue is.

If my player was going to get robbed from a TD on his stats because of a bad call, I'd challenge it too. Nothing wrong with what Tresman did.


You know what? I like Duane Forde's comment when Wally challenged that play first, "If I were B.C., I would throw in the towel than the challenge flag."


ya there is especially when he apparently shoves the whole "team before individual" down everyones throat. complete lack of sportsmanship...and im not even a lions fan nor a als fan and im dissapointed in that showing

It is ok man...keep liking MIke Kelly or who ever we like our coach just fine. If you dont understand that Buono threw the flag, your just trolling.

Great game by the Als today.

Lions gave me the impression that they didn’t respect the Als but I would bet they respect them now!

What an absolutely awesome team. And for the first time, our defense is every bit as good (if not better) than our offense. They really only gave up 3 points, the rest being laid at the door of special teams. I’ll I can say is, YAHOOOOOO!

(And who the f–k cares what Jacob7 thinks!!!)

I disagree.
Wally challenged, and the refs overturned the call without even going to replay. I think he challenged on principle.

And you could say it was unsportsmanlike on Wally's part. 49-18 and he is challenging
You could, not saying you should