Als @ Lions 2019-09-28

Let’s hope we get full-flavored Shiltz instead of the Shiltz Lite we’ve seen so far!

This is the perfect time to work up some new run plays involving both Stanback and Johnson.

Given that our loss is almost a foregone conclusion, if history is any indication, I really have no expectations for this game.

I hope we escape without major injuries.

I hope Stanback has a good game.

I hope Shiltz has a good game through the air, so that we have proof of concept that someone not named Vernon Adams can lead this offense.

Yes. Thats exactly wat they should do in the running game. With both RBs as a two headed monster

Shiltz handles himself well in this i/v, but man, he also looks like he’s 14 years old! ;D

Very classy of Vernon to talk up Shiltz too in this segment.

Yes indeed VA very classy. Which brings me back to Pipkin barely a word was said about Pipkin.
& nothing from coach Jones on why its Shiltz and not Pipken this week.
After this game in BC. With Adams returning for the next game.
I dont see any reason to even dress pipkin anymore. Let alone keep him on the roster.
Right now he is just taking up space. As he doesnt play any kind of role for the Als anymore.

Well, why would anyone mention Pipkin right now? He’s clearly #3 on the depth chart. I don’t like it, but it is what it is. He likely does some scout team work for the offense. Hopefully the coaches haven’t given up on him at his young age. But the point is moot. This is Vernon’s team now. As for the roster issue, teams always dress three QBs in case of unexpected injuries. So he’ll be there just in case. Even more so in this upcoming game since Adams is suspended. So Pipkin is the #2 for one game at least.

I dont disgree with this week with Adams out and Pipkin at number two.
As for all teams dressing 3 QBs this is no longer the case. More than one team this year have dressed only two QBs under the current new rules.
Watever the deal is in Montreal. The Als apparently have given up on Pipken.
He went from #1 QB to losing his job to VA. Now he has been demoted to #3 behind Shiltz.
It is wat it is

Good point, I had forgotten about the new rule. So on Saturday it will be Shiltz and Pipkin. When Adams comes back, who knows? I still think it’s stupid not to have the #2 doing QB sneaks. It keeps the backup involved in the offense, and it takes Vernon out of a situation where he might get injured. But the situation is what it is.

I just hope that Pipkin has a fair chance to battle for the no. 2 spot in training camp next year. At his age, Vernon Adams wasn’t doing anything noteworthy in the CFL.

Yes. I dont know why the 6’3" 225 pound Pipken does not come as the short yardage QB.
Opposed to the 5’11" 200 pound VA.
If that were the case then my mindset wuld change about Pipken. As he would & Should play that very important role.
Maybe its something the Als will use this week with Shiltz starting.
And add it in week 17 at home vs The Stamps


Looks to me like they are pissed off at Pipkin. He won the job out of camp, struggled out of the gate in crazy conditions, got hurt and then comes back and not only has he lost his starter’s job, but he’s also tossed behind Schiltz, who has shown exactly Zero since he’s been with the team.

With QB’s it is all about relationships with their coach.

That is certainly wat it looks like. Kahri Jones has not even metioned Pipkens name all week as they head into BC. With VA. on suspention. Its all Shiltz & VA accepting his suspention. Apiligizing and admitting his VERY POOR. Lack of judgement.
Who knows wats going on behind closed doors between Pipkin & Jones.
The Als have had so many Storylines. Ownership. Late Firing of Former Hc & GM.
The pisitive with Jones and VA…
That not a peep about any QB controvercy as to Shiltz starting over Pipken this week & how Shiltz jumped from #3 & the Holder to # 2 starting in place of VA. & why Pipken isnt running Short Yardage…

While there is nothing wrong with having Antonio Pipkin handle short yardage duties because he weighs more than Vernon Adams, Pipkin is clearly not 6’3". More accurate height would be just under 6’1" as he is always shorter when standing next to guys listed at 6’2".

During the time he was injured, the Als renegotiated Pipkin’s contract. Team realized then Pipkin did not deserve a starter’s salary. We know that both Adams and Matt Shiltz are signed for 2020. Not sure if Pipkin is signed beyond this year.

Even so im quite Sure VA is not as big as listed either. In fact every team in every sport exaggerate these things.
The point i was making was that if Pipkins going to be on the roster after this week. Wen VA returns for next game.
If Shiltz is #2 as well as being the holder that Bede is comfy with.
If he isnt gona play a role at all. Not even short yardage. Its a waste of a roster spot.
Use Pipkin or lose him from the roster on game day. Replace him with someone who actually will play a role and play in the game.
This is no slight on Pipkin.
But Rosters in CFL are already small enuff. Need every able body to contribute

Get Hugo Richard onto the roster this week and USE HIM. Maybe Pipkin hasent taken his demotion well & he will be a free agent next season. Maybe he balked at being the short yardage QB.
Idk. But watever.
Get Hugo in as Short Yardage QB with Shiltz starting. Hugo is also listed as 6’2" 125.
Plus the Als already planned for him to play special teams. With bonuses in his contract for it. As well as working out as a Safety.
(Both reported by Justin Dunk on 3 down Nation)

I wonder what the issue is, if you’re right. Is Pipkin not putting in the work? Is there some behind-the-scenes friction we don’t know about? It just seems strange how little leeway he got this year, and how quickly he was lapped by Shiltz, who hasn’t shown anything in two years.

Ya. I agree there has to be something goin on behind the scenes.
Shiltz has been nothing but a holder that Bede is Comfy with. Which is very important.
& its not like Pipken, as a yung QB, has really played that awful under terrible mess that was in Montreal.
But that mess on Sherman & Kavis Reed. For betting the ranch on Manziel last season.
His name automatically made him #1 QB.
While pipken was showing some promise.
As well VA got starts at seasons end. As well.
VA is clearly the number 1 now.
So i wuld imagine that pipken wants out.
He has really never had a chance. & the Manziel debacle made the whole QB situation WORSE.
Emotions come into play & it just appears that Pipkens attitude & confidence in Montreal was shot to start this season

If Pipkin is smart, he’ll stay put and pay his dues behind Adams, just like Adams spent the past few years paying his dues. The emergence of so many young QBs this year means that the market for young, unproven QBs is soft at the moment. Shiltz has proven nothing and may continue to prove nothing this week.

One exception I know of is Bill Walton … apparently he refused to ever be listed as being seven foot tall … felt at that time it pigeon-holed players

Ya. I dont expect to do much at all. But the fact that out of no where with no explanation on why he jumped pipken.
Pipken has to be pissed. And if he hasnt already. His disgruntled attitude could distract the locker room.
Thats why i say just cut Pipken lose after this game.
& let him seek other options to end the seasin.
& add Hugo to the roster the rest of the season