Als let go coordinator !

HC Trestman announced that Richard Kent who was hired this off season as Special Teams coordinator has been let go of a common accord :roll:

What does a coach have to do to be fired before even starting a season ?

Well John Huard once got fired in Shreveport before the season started. . . but I'd guess here the use of "common accord" means he asked to be released for whatever reason and the team accomodated him. Just a guess mind you.

I guess we will know by how quickly he finds a new job :wink:

So he wanted a Honda Accord, no big deal, give it to him.

Those are door prizes at Bob's Halloween parties. :lol:

According to some posters on Als I/O special teams were brutal on Saturday, with multiple instances of Kent sending out only 11 men and in some cases 10 (!) men.

My guess is that Trestman realized very quickly that Kent was in over his head. As hard as I was on Scott Squires last season, I have a feeling that this year will make me appreciate what he did for the team in hindsight.

Well if he has some trouble with basic arithmetic, then probably best he look for another job me thinks. :slight_smile:

He could stay in football, might be better with a team like Saskatchewan...

Knew that was coming. . . I'm sure there were many of us thinking along those lines. . .

Nope. We jettisoned all of our mathematically-challenged to Winnipeg.

Oh yeah forgot about that.... :lol:

...makes a person wonder if HfxTC is ever going to come up with some original material, or if he's going to continue to illustrate his apparent lack of creativity and independent thought forever by playing the same joke repeatedly...

...and we jettisoned a noodle arm qb. and a screaming coach to riderville....heh heh :lol:

As long as people laugh, the joke will be repeated and, unfortunately for you Rider fans, people will be laughing about it for a long time.

It's not unfortunate for me at all. Last I looked, I wasn't playing football during the Grey Cup...just think it's entirely sad when a person feels the impulse to rehash the same material over and over again, rather than exercising the brainpower they have and coming up with something new, is all...

Of course the Riders and their fans would love for people to let it go, would not want to have it be a drag on this season :wink: .

I choose to "Stay the course "

By my count the lack of concentration cost the Riders hmmm let's see

So a member of the Grey Cup championship squad will walk away with a cool $22,800 in playoff bonus money. Now, that might not sound like much in today's world of millionaire pro athletes, but consider the CFL's minimum salary is $41,000 and many of its players earn less than $100,000 annually.

Players on the losing side receive $8,000, giving them a total of $14,800 in playoff bonus money.

$8000.00 x 42 dressed players = $336 000.00
  • 5000.00 Ring x 50 = $250 000.00
    So the Riders pissed away a total of $586 000.00

Hey, you'll notice that not once did I say you shouldn't "stay the course" -I only commented on how myopic it is of you to do so. Go ahead and use the same material if you wish, but you'll appear to be exactly as I've described.

Anyway, you were saying?

I modify it a little bit every time :smiley:

That's news to me... :o

Five Hundred Eighty Six Thousand Dollars

See ! Instead of numerals you can spell it out

or you can use Roman Numerals


or a Chinese Abacus

How's that not creative ?

you're like the school bully who just doesn't quit teasing the little kid.. then one day get's his ass kicked all over the floor.

you're aren't cool if that's what you're thinking...