Als' LB Walter Spencer hospitalized

More to follow.

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He was involved in a bar brawl that obviously went way out of control...

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wow that’s pretty crazy.
Hope he is ok and can make a full recovery.

That Montreal Gazette headline "Alouettes player nearly beaten to death in Montreal bar brawl" was one that I did not like seeing. That's awful.

He is in serious, but stable, condition.

It reminded me of what happened to well-known BC Lions fan Ritch Dowrey, who posted here and on other CFL message boards under the name "3rdDown."

But speaking of Ritch, it's good to see that he seems to be recovering, though he'll never be the same: ... =38&t=1594

That crossed my mind too, BYF. What happened to Ritch was utterly senseless and a disgrace! I am encouraged by news of improvement in his health.

That is horrible. Wow just awful. He has my best wishes for a full and speedy recovery.

Good news about 3rd down though.

Another story on TSN, indicating that Spencer was blindsided and stabbed in the altercation.

He remains in serious but stable condition in hospital.

I will update as I see more details to link to...

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More on the attack from ... pdate.html

According to witnesses, Spencer was stabbed multiple times with a broken beer bottle.

More on this as information is provided.

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This is just terrible. I hope he is ok. Hopefully it doesn't end his career. Very sad. I hope they catch the trash that did this to him. Doesn't take much of a man to blindside someone as far as I'm concerned.

8) Al's President, Larry Smith, says that players today have to be more prudent about where they are going to on their
 off time, and also the time of day that they are in these places !!

 The time of the attack was apparently 3am in the morning !!    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

  Times have changed drastically, from the old days when being in a bar might have just meant a fist fight, when trouble 


That's a pretty stupid thing for him to say at a time like this...

I agree. I'm pretty sure he could have at least waited until the guy was OUT of the hospital before mentioning that.

Walter Spencer's condition is improving -- he is now in stable condition.

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Update on Walter Spencer: he is now out of intensive care.

Walter Spencer has been released from hospital according to Glen Suitor on tonight's TSN broadcast.