Als land Kevin Glenn

Thoughts? To late? Can he still learn the book?

Can't be worse than Tanner Marsh or Anthony Boone.

Apparently, a fifth round choice was given by Montreal.Good deal.


A 5th round pick is a gift to get a seasoned veteran QB like KG.

Absolutely hate this. All we want to do is grub our way into the playoffs by any means necessary so we can get blown out in a crossover game. Glenn is 36 FFS. We are no closer to finding AC's successor, and probably farther off now because Glenn is going to get all the reps.

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I'm okay with it. Not going to get us very far this year; even if we make the crossover I doubt we'll win anyway.

But if all we have available are Boone and Marsh, I'd hate to play out the string with those two. Major ugh.

With Glenn we might even rise to being mediocre, which would be better entertainment than what we've been subjected the past few outings. I'm not expecting a win streak mind you, just to be mediocre so we aren't totally embarrassed (and the last three performances were embarrassing).

We apparently didn't give up much to get him so what the heck. We're just biding time to the end of the season, at which time I expect major changes, one of which will quite likely be that we bring in a whole new stable of QBs, and let go of Glenn, Marsh, Boone, Bridge, and Crompton. I wouldn't be surprised if we cut bait with LeFevour as well, too many serious injuries I have my doubts if he'll ever recover sufficiently. So next season I expect to see Cato with 2 new QBs (if Trevor Harris makes it to FA I'd sure take a run at him).

With Glenn in the fold I'd sit Cato for the rest of the season so as not to ruin him playing in this gong show. Better to give him a fresh start next season with (Hopefully) a new and competent coaching staff.

No argument there; there is only one QB that I think would be in the mix for being worse than those two, and I'm sure all Als' fans know to whom I refer.

Oh, and Cleo Lemon too.

I hope this blows up in the organization's face. No way do I want us to scrape into the playoffs so Popp can turn to Wetenhall and say, "See? We're on the right track!" Missing the playoffs might be exactly what this organization needs -- a clear, unmistakable wake-up call.

And that is a valid point, certainly.

Just that for me, I'm not totally sold on the tanking approach.

If we don't make this move, and play out the string with Marsh and Boone, Popp could still equally well convince Wetenhall that we're on the right track, just that Cato and Crompton got injured, and AC and Dinwiddie need more time to become competent offensive coordinators.

I wouldn't buy that argument if we finished dead last with Boone & Marsh, nor would I buy it if Glenn got us into a crossover, so I don't see either argument as being at all persuasive; but I'm not Wetenhall.

Glenn's simply a stop gap measure for the balance of the season. He might stick around next season as a backup to Cato, who knows. That said, if my choice for #2 behind Cato in 2016 were to be Glenn or Crompton, I pick Glenn.

That's true. Given the level of dysfunction in this organization, Wetenhall could see whatever he wants to see at season's end, no matter how badly things continue to go.

With all the QB injuries around the league this season, you can see every team needs at least 2 decent QBs to make it through a season.

Glenn has proven to be a veteran capable backup, I think every team including the Als can use a guy like him. And that certainly doesnt preclude the Als from finding their future QB. Just dont think they have one in house right now. Which brings us back to Glenn who can be useful in the interim.

Have to say Im off the Cato bandwagon. Unless he goes on the Ted White diet plan, I cant see how he will survive the defensive hits he will be inevitably faced with.

I too am not a fan of this move. As DP mentions, this is a stop gap and smells of desperation on Popp's behalf.

He had the chance to sign him as a F/A before the season started and did not manage to do so. Whether it was money or playing time, he did not get it done then.

Now if by some chance they make it into the playoffs it takes some of the pressure of him.

There is allot of work that needs to be done including the GM position. If the team does not make it, there really is no out in having to take a look at the organization from top to bottom.

5th. round pick for four games worth of Kevin Glenn at this stage. Maybe 3 since there is only two practices left this week.
The same Glenn who said a couple weeks ago that if he would have been interested in coming to Montreal would have signed with us last winter...

On the positive its better than selling the farm to sign a one arm Ricky Ray.

From O'Day's perspective keeping Popp employed in Montreal suits him just fine :wink:

Trivia time.

Q: In Justin Dunk's QB Scorecard for this past week, he rated 12 of them. What do #'s 9, 10, 11, and 12 have in common?
A: They are currently all Alouettes. Glenn was actually #12.

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KG wanted no part of coming to Montreal, never has. Now he's here :?

No matter what the final results will be after the last 4 games, I do hope that Jim Popp will extend/sign Kevin Glenn for the 2016 season. As Sheldon wrote, the Als need a veteran QB. For me, Tanner Marsh, Anthony Boone, Jonathan Crompton and Dan LeFevour are not options for the future and should be released after the 2015 season. I am not sure about Rakeem Cato along with Brandon Bridge and this is why Kevin Glenn should be extended; Yes, new young QB’s will have to be invited to training camp, but I expect that any rookie will need time, unless a Doug Flutie, a Russell Wilson,etc can be found.


Not sure. Let's see how he plays and what his attitude is for the next month.

He's 36 and hasn't played well in 3 years. He was ugly in BC last year and Saskatchewan this year.

Listening quickly to Glenns press conference he said he signed with the Als for next year also, called it a sign and trade. Richard, youre going to be happy today, but I`m not giving up on LeFevour yet.

I had been thinking to myself-" its too bad the Als did not sign Glen last season". In Glen we are getting a competent QB which is something we lacked all last year and, into this season. We are still in the playoff mix and, we'll have to see if he can get us there in the remaining period of time. As a fervent Als fan I'm pleased that our team has now a better opportunity to do so.

Hard to blame him. Revolving door with the HC and OC for the past two years. Not to mention what kind of playing time would he have gotten. :wink:

Yes you are right, now he is here.

Its a good deal. We gave up nothing for him and it buys Popp some time, which he will clearly need.