Als Kicker fined

[b]"I'm sick of this. This guy (Proulx) is going to end my career one day."

Montreal led 23-20 with roughly four minutes remaining to play when Whyte lined up a 42-yard field goal. Whyte's try was short and Banks' return provided the Ticats with their winning margin.

Hamilton's Rico Murray came in contact with Whyte's knee on the try but, no flag was thrown.

"After the kick, he hit me. My leg was still on the way up," Whyte said. "He (Proulx) didn't want to call it. He never calls it. Paul McCallum got hit a couple of weeks ago, they didn't call it. They call everything on a quarterback. Why aren't you calling these things on kickers?

"The guy hit me on the knee. That could end my career."[/b]

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Whyte is just making it worse for himself.
He was hit just above the right ankle however it appeared as if he had been shot through the head.

If diving was an infraction,he would have received a 3 game suspension . :smiley:

Kicker is the one position where the player is almost guaranteed to have been a soccer player. That's where they would have learned about diving.

Absolutely! He must have learned it watching Barcelona

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2 threads from the Al's Fan Forum....they absolutely LOVE Sean Whyte aka "Pippin"the Hobbit....I'm sure all of his whining and crying will only endear himself further with the Alouette fan base :lol: :smiley: :slight_smile:

He needs to vent against his "O" line or special teams blockers. They are the ones that are supposed to protect him.
The missed kick had nothing to do with him getting knocked. He makes the kick and there is no return for a TD doesn't matter if the penalty is called or not.

Kickers are trained to hang their leg up and out as long as possible after the kick. Like diving it is an attempt to draw a cheap penalty. I believe that I heard or read somewhere that refs have been instructed not to throw the flag if the kicker hangs it out there so sounds like the correct call was made.

Exactly and while his leg was on it's way down. Then he pretended to be writhing in pain, holding his chest, face down in the turf, when he could have been the one to stop Banks' TD return. Murray turned left, to avoid contact, and the back of Whyte's lower calf contacted Murray's right wrist as the leg was coming down. From the rule book, on Contacting the Kicker:

"If, in the Referee’s opinion, a defensive player attempting to block the kick
makes slight and incidental contact which does not affect the play, there shall be no

While I'm not sure if a penalty should have been called - technically no, but that type of hit I think is what the rule is there to protect against - it would have helped Whyte's case had he not lain there like he had been hit by a Mack truck, and if he hadn't made these two claims. His leg was on the way down when he was hit, and the hit was much closer to his ankle than his knee.

I'd have a lot more respect for him if instead he had said, "The guy hit me on the ankle before I had completed my kicking motion, which put a lot of strain on my knee. It also spun me around, knocking me to the ground. Hitting the ground like that winded me, but I'm more concerned that this type of hit, which could end a kicker's career, isn't being called."

"That could end my career."

He doesn't really need help from Proulx to end his career.
He is doing a pretty good job of ending his career himself! :roll:


Its not just kickers now. Your seeing a lot of that crap from receivers in the CFL this year is even worse. Fed up seeing receivers run deep changing their pace and knocking into DB's the whole way down the field trying to draw penalties.

That one is hilarious. :smiley:

So let me get this straight. We're not happy with the reffing. Montreal wasn't happy with the reffing. Are we sure it wasn't a well officiated game. :lol: