Als jerseys

Did Reebok change Montreal's uniforms that much when they redesigned the uniforms for the whole league? I didn't see a whole lot of difference to previous Alouette looks. Anyways, I have my own site and I computer-altered my own Alouette jerseys, and the rest of the league. Take a peek if you are interested, for Montreal, or any other teams. I'm interested to see what people think. Go to

1st design: I think they already did something like that before
2nd Design: looks like the Colorado Avs :thdown:

The Al's unifroms, which didn't chage at all except for the thrid, which is the best unifrom the Al's have had since the club was founded.

The Al's unifroms are prefect, don't chage them.

i think that the best jerseys that the als have are the blue jerseyes (the ones they wore in the grey cup, and if u go to that link, calvillo is wearing it in the one where he has his hand in the air)

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