Al's invite Ian Smart to training camp.

Happy to see the Al’s invited Ian Smart to training camp. I played against Ian in college he played for LIU C.W. Post, and me unfortunately UMass Lowell. He was a dominating player and a class act to play against. I think he scored 6 touchdowns and rushed for 335 yards in the game, needless to say very talented. 4 of the those touchdowns were 50+ yards and one of them was 91 yards, also 4 of them were one play drives, we lost 57-21. I don’t think he is as talented as a Robert Edwards, but would make a good backup. Teams in the NFL don’t like to give players form division 2 schools a chance. Good Luck to Ian i hope to be cheering for him next season, and is undoubtedly one of the top three players i’ve ever played against.

I think this is the reason also that Jesse Lumsden will never get a chance with the Skins to be a starting running back because he played in the CIS. Special teams, yes, he is 6'2" 225 lbs and runs a 4.43 40 so he will be able to get down the field on kicks and make tackles but that is as far as it will go even if he makes the Skins at all.

Peter6625 thanks for the info about him, I do wish him an excellent training camp, but it will be hard to compete vs the likes of Edwards, Lapointe (if he comes back) & Jonas.

But he could always make the "practice roster".

I would agree with you for any other team, but having talked with Joe Gibbs numerous times, usually at Nascar events. He owned Interstate Batteries car, and my brother works for them, so i got to talk to him very nice guy. He gives everyone a shot. Jesse Lumsden is built like a John Riggins and everyone knows that Joe Gibbs loved Riggins. Portis has trouble down at the goalline that when Jesse can move in there. Hopefully he is as sucessful in the NFL as the CFL. I do agree in most cases that CIS and NCAA 2 and 3 players aren't really given a good look.