Als interested in Henry Burris?

Burris’s agent says the Als have shown interest in Burris. The Bombers are very interested in signing Burris. Are the Als seriously interested in Hank, with Troy Smith in town, or is this just a ploy by Burris’s agent to drive up the price the Bombers pay for Burris?

It wouldn't surprise me that the Als would at least kick the tires on Burris. . . but I don't have any inside knowledge.

I am probably in a minority here, but I am not (yet) sold on Troy Smith as a starting QB, so personally I wouldn't mind having Burris in Montreal. He'd be a pretty good insurance policy.

I can't imagine a scenario where Montreal will offer more money than does Winnipeg. At this stage of Burris' career, on his last contract, I think it is only about the money. Not a criticism just my sense of his reality.

On a side note Willy must be a little choked. The FA QB dominoes are falling while he languishes on the sidelines.

Might be worth having Hank as a backup for Smith and Marsh for his experience. But only as that and for an affordable dollar figure.
If he does not accept that then do not sign him.

I'd rather make 200k a season for two or three seasons than make 300 and be knocked around like Buck Pierce and wind up on the injured list two games into the season.

Troy Smith showed enough for me last year that you do not need Hank not even in a back up roll.

If Troy gets hurt ? We have 23 year old kid. I'm kind of on the fence with Henry. I think it would be a great signing but I would not derail the team's salary structure for him.

You can never have enough experienced quality football players on a roster. What Hebert brought to a guy like Brouillette is incalculable.

Right now not knowing who the OC and HC is having experience at the QB position would be a plus.

Beautiful 3 degrees here in Hfx. Time to go smoke some ribs. Have a great Superbowl Sunday everyone !

  1. maybe the Als could sign HB as a QB-QBcoach, taking some of his salary off the cap. (Kidding - 98% anyway)

  2. What is this Superbowl of which you speak? Yeah, I am in that group of CFL fans that follow what happens in the NFL but can't stand to watch the games. Ten minute drives for a missed field goal, 6-8 possessions per team per game, etc. make me want to gouge my eyes out. Throw Peyton (Not my fault) Manning into the mix and I would watch a test pattern rather than the SB. But to each their own.

Well Tom, I guess that's where we differ. Smith didn't show me enough last year, for some reason I can't put my finger on, I'm just not sold on him yet as a starting QB in this league. Hope he proves me wrong in 2014.

Smiling Hank had flashes but after all he will be 39 and is not a prescription for you.
Plus, the Peg has an offer on the table for him in a starting position.

Henry threw for 5000 yards last year in a brand new offense, in many bad weather games. He can play.

Also has a nasty habit of throwing INT's at costly points in a game.

Nevertheless as, mentioned in a prior post, if he would be willing to sign for 3rd string money knowing full well that was his role and given there is no veteran presence to mentor Smith and Marsh, may be worth having him around.

bad weather is an understatement.
In fact, brutal would be an understated adjective.

Never have I experienced such severe inclement weather in any single season of attending TiCat games the past 30+ years as during the Guelph experiment.

Burris can play still, and maintains in tip top condition and any team will benefit from his services, either as starter or backup, although he won't come cheap.

....Whatever the Als. offer, the Bombers will offer more until they drive the figure into the stratosphere...Who'll blink first and IF the money reaches that point do the Als. want to sign a qb. of Henrys stature at any cost...Not saying Popp won't do that but risking a disenchanted Davis and paying dearly ,might encourage the Als. fans to ask the nfl to please sign this guy to something :lol: ...My take...Henry is playing both ends against the middle and hoping for a huge payday...He should be compensated well, as this contract will most likely be his last, as a player in the CFL. ..We shall see shortly :roll:

Papa, if the Bombers want to offer Hank the moon and the stars at age 39, the Bombers can have him. :wink:

Who's Davis and why would he be disenchanted?

.....Troy Smith... :lol: sorry bout that MJ...I'm being distracted by the super bowl hoopla AND my Gibsons Finest... my apologies...hiccup :lol:

LOL, no apology necessary papa; have one on me !

C'est ce qu'on disait presque tous de Calvillo après la saison 2012.

Je crois que Burris a encore un an ou deux à donner, comme il le dit lui-même. S'il veut venir à Montréal, je ne le vois pas comme partant. Les Alouettes doivent passer à un quart plus jeune, réussir ou échouer avec de la relève. Reprendre un vétéran sur ses derniers milles pour une saison ou deux comme partant ne les aidera pas à passer à cette nouvelle ère, quelle qu'elle soit.

J'ai aimé ce que j'ai vu de Smitn, mais comme MadJack, j'entretiens encore mes doutes sur sa capacité de devenir un quart de concession, comme Lulay, Durant ou Ray. Il a encore tout à prouver, tout comme Marsh.

La seule utilité que je verrais à avoir Burris dans le giron des Alouettes, ce serait pour monter les deux jeunes quarts que nous avons dans une mentalité de quart mobile avec un bras puissant. Mais je ne lui verserais pas un salaire de partant pour ça, et je ne le mettrais pas partant non plus.

If Ottawa ends up signing Henry don't be surprised to see KG land in Montreal...