ALS in Spandex

Because of several requests over the years, I have been working on a calendar of our players and coaches…as opposed to our cheerleaders, who faithfully release a beautiful product each year. (Thank you!)

It has been a challenge finding pictures of guys that stay on our team, going forward. So, I am also working on the legends, (past and present), that have played in Montreal and may now be with other families in the CFL…or enjoying the good life with their own family. Also, it has not been easy finding a clear shot of the player’s physique, without several opponents obstructing my view. (As is the case with that l o n g, wretched, white, towel the QBs wear!)

Because my gift is a blessing, I donate 100% of the proceeds from prints of my work to charity. (In this case, ALS = Lou Gehrig’s Disease.) Given also that these masterpieces are depicted from another sources’ photographic images, I do not sell the originals without specific approval from both the photographer and subject involved. Again, 100% of profits go to the above noted charity.

Any questions or photos may only be sent to – All JPEG or BMP submissions will be considered, and the photographer(s) chosen will be thanked with a free calendar(s), at my expense. (Please include your snail mail coordinates with submissions!)

If I don’t reply to your email immediately, it is because I am working…so please stand by, as your message is important to me!