Als implode done like a Thanksgiving Turkey (link to video)

Article on RDS claims that fights are breaking out on the field. Players attacking each other. Vets like Lambert and Duval are pissed. Kai Ellis pulled the old throw the helmet down the field on Diedrick. Watkins took a swing at Cox for hitting a rookie.

Popp would not give himself a mark for the season but said He still had the support of His boss and that while not perfect he's worked his arse off to prepare his team.

Me thinks Mario Tremblay should have a talk with him...

Then Popp sticks Strickland on the nine game injury list and tells him that a decision in his case will be made by december 15th. ! Strickland in turns tells the media that things haven't gone smoothly since Don left and that Popp had not proved anything and made plenty of rookie mistakes andthat while he's been playing hurt his injury didn't warrant writing him off for the season and post season.

What a fouking shiat fest !

Check out this video live and in colour ! the setup is in french but listen to the audio of the players... It's a pearl...

We are passed the give this some time here. No matter what Jim Popp does, his players are done with him. I understand him bringing in a kicker, after what happened to Duval he decided to give a practice roster spot to a kicker to protect the team but Damon was pissed that Popp didn't have the decency to tell him...Not that Jim had to but its obvious that every little thing now is blown up because the team is tired and fed up with the bullshit!

Fans are talking about having a bunch of signs with the Ticat colours saying "Fire Popp" for this weekend's game.

Don't be surprised to see Hamilton kick the Als a r s e this weekend.

Popp said his boss supports him though oh wait HE is his boss. these staff meeting he has are getting smaller and smaller and basically is boiling down to him patting himself on the back. While the rest of the team has a big bitchfest about just how awful he is

If the players have anymore heart in them, they will kick the s*** outta the Tiger Cats on Monday. And prove to everyone that they are not done, and the real Alouettes are back. On the other hand if the Cats come here and kick are as*'s, then I dunno what to say! lol.....

Ps: Are Imoh and Sanchez off the 9 game injured list yet?

A lot of these guys contracts are up: Calvillo,Strickland,Chiu,Flory,Sanchez,Payton are possibly up. Will Cahoon want to come back?

Should Smith and Wettenhaul act before the end of the season? Cause once these guys empty their lockers, they could be much harder to convince. I know Don Matthews is 68 but if he was to take the job back even if its to finish the season while the Als find a long term solution at the HC position which can't happen till the season is over as all the candidates are currently employed. Carpenter should be replaced by Okeke now. Carpenter dosen't even live in Mtl This team needs to bring ballers in to get an in to this locker room.
Phillion? Where is Phillion?

There is a week to go to the trade deadline. Trade Maass and Kai Ellis to Calgary for Brian Clark.

This team needs a MLB and it takes four week for a guy to assimilate a system. I love the idea of having Maass being able to step in to a game if Calvillo does his annual turtling job in the playoff but at this point this team needs an experienced MLB more IMO

Have you watched the video? These guys aren't getting ready for the Ticats. It looked like something out of a house fight from The Ultimate Fighter. Watkins told Cox that he was being burned game after game. The other replied have you checked your play lately kind of thing... While Popp is talking on his cell phone probably with the miss telling him he needs to pickup some formula on the way home :cry:

Common, there is no way that you can honestly say that Popp was on the phone while the altercation was going on........However, Popp needs to do two things,
1)Fire MB
2)Step down as HC.

That being said, this just might be what the Als need to get them fired up. The last few games it looked to me like they didnt care anymore.

I don't know what Popp was doing on the phone. I was just trying to put a funny light on the fact that while his team is behaving like a bunch of kids in the first practice of the week by the way, Popp is on his phone tending to one of the hundreds of things he has to tend to every week. Its obious that some of the players aren't focused on the upcoming game.

I just think the whole thing looked very sad...for everyone involved Popp included.

It is very very sad that these kind of fights are happening on the field. A lot of back bitting when they should be concentrating on being a TEAM. The big problem I see, (from an outsider looking in) the HC has been given or either taken too on much responsibility. Which leads to what we have today. There is no way one person can be the GM, VP and HC and do the job effectively and that is being proven on and off the field.

the video clip kind of reminded me of the movie The Replacements.

Does Brian Chiu eat eggs? :lol:

Also in the Replacements, the owner said

"I've seen Monkey $H!+ fights in the zoo that were more organized than this (his team)"

The same can be said about this year's Alouettes.


And now a second, normally quiet player has gone to the media to speak out against Popp. In today's Gazette we hear Watkins calling out the lack of a relationship with Popp, him and several other players being very unhappy with popp, and given that popp has taken over every position the players are forced to go to larry smith if theres any problem. He also said that even though he has a year and an option left on his contract he will not return to the team next season if this situation is not resolved.

At this point the only way things can get worse would be if we start hearing similar things from Cahoon and/or Calvillo and given how much Calvillo has been smacked around this year it would not surprise me if we hear from him before the season is done

I keep saying this. Players will respond at contract time...And the guys you want to keep are usually the guys you lose...

If Smith doesn't step in at the end of the season and fire Popp, I will lose all respect for him and he should be fired himself. We are going down in flames.

haha It would be funny if Montreal ended up winning the Grey Cup after all of this. It would be movie material. :lol:

That is the worst possible thing that can happen because if we win the grey cup it will be by fluke and Popp already has a swollen ego from coasting Don Matthews team to the grey cup game. We'd never be able to get rid of him then.

Watkins isnt waiting for his contract to expire he's giving hte team until next year regardless of his contract. The team is going down in flames Smith has to step in and fire Popp once the season is done

No actually it would be very sad if we won the Grey Cup. It would not say anything good about the league. I've been thinking that Popp must be feeling pretty good if he brought in another kicker without telling Duval. That means he didn't tell Smith either. I have no idea what is giving him that sense of power, other than his normal arrogance, but it must be something big.
It is looking more and more that Smith is nothing other than President of publicity and has little to do with the actual product.
By the way as far as Watkins goes, I figure the man who decided that he is our #1 receiver (that would be Popp the GM) should go with him. I figure when Watkins learns how to hold on to more than 50% of passes he should be allowed to open his mouth, but not until then.