Als' home openers

Looks like it's going to be close to a sell-out for the Impact's home opener - at least 50,000.

Why can't the Als do something similar? At least play the home opener in front of a large crowd. Reduce the price of some tickers; for example, seniors and 16 and under. Why not pack 'em in at least once during the season?

Here is why
1- Als 20 000 season ticket holders don't like the big O
2- extra costs for the als to rent the bigO but Saputo has to pay it because its too cold for soccer outside, he may even be getting it for free from what I've seen of the Charbonneau commission. seems like you can get anything you want in that city if you grease the right politician or civil servant.
3- Saputo has its dairy distribution business to write off free tickets
4- Devalues tickets

i expect half that the following week. :lol:

I hear what you're saying Hfx, but obviously soccer fans don't hate the stadium, at least for the home opener. And if Joey can manage to get a Serie A or other Division I team in for a friendly, the stadium would likely be packed again.

I have to think that at least some of the soccer fans could be football fans too. I quite realize all of the negative press (deserved!) the Big Owe has received over the years, but it is an ideal venue for football and soccer. If, as you say, the Als' organization doesn't have the cash to play there, then why are their locker rooms...etc. located there?

There is no doubt plenty of atmosphere at Molson, but it can't light a candle to 50,000+ fans cheering on their heroes. Well, maybe one day (sigh!) football just may catch on in Canada and teams play before huge crowds in large stadia. One can always wish...

Je soupcçonne un bail original de 20 ans qui a fait l'objet d'une entente à la baisse pour permettre aux Alouettes de jouer au centre-ville. Une sorte de donnant-donnant, quoi.

Your displacing 20 000 people who pay anywhere from 50 to 100 a ticket to see their team up close downtown and your saying we are going to force you to come and sit in a stadium that's in 1970's condition and we are going to sit you 400 feet further away. That's not good business IMO. Your basically taking away from the clients you contracted to to make a bit of extra cash. Kind of like buying a Merc and your shipped a Kia... It is a terrible deal for season ticket and luxo box holders.

I was there for the Eastern final. The scoreboard is 70s or 80s vintage. You can't make out what is being said through the speakers most of the time and that's sitting in the 100 level. The line ups for concessions was 100 people deep. It is a terrible fan experience. Playoff well everyone is buying a new ticket so your not short changing anyone really. I suspect Montreal is going to tear the stadium down in the near future anyway. The Als are going to have to think of something because that means no Grey Cup money. It is a serious, serious problem for the owner and the team.

The lease with McGill is very, very restrictive. The Als are not allowed to practice there, they are not allowed to have offices there. I don't think they are even allowed to park a car there ! That's why they use the Big O for storage and offices and such. Terrible arrangement. Their business offices are downtown, they practice in a public park, their football ops are in the basement of the big O and they play at Molson Stadium .... Talk about a logistical and operational nightmare.

I dont see the Big O being torn down, but until the roof situation is determined ( permanent or retractable), the Als cannot hold a Grey Cup there because of snow on the roof causing a potential collapse. Thats big money Mr. Wetenhall is losing out on.

I`m not all that familiar with the area surrounding the Big O, but is there not some land where a suitable practice field can be built?

Our friend Philippe Cantin in La Presse has a story today on the Big O. Optimistic plans in the works, predicated on having a new roof, with a decision on the roof to come this summer.

Also, this Saturday`s Impact game would have to be postponed if there were to be snow or freezing rain on Saturday.

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Oui! Des plans pour que Labeaume les convainquent de s'établir à Québec, avec un stade tout neuf donné à Péladeau avec les fonds publics, de nouvelles installations et un terrain de pratique tout-équipé! :twisted:

kind of defeats the purpose of being "free" if Saputo has to "grease" the right politician. :wink:

reminds me of the teacher from Charlie Brown … "wawawa wa wa "

Pretty much.

I do hope the Big O is not demolished especially now, after many years of operation,the Montreal population has paid for it.There has to be some potentials re renting it out- a Rolling Stones concert for example. The BC stadium's utilization should be examined for its acivities after the football season to get ideas for such. Its unfortunate that Mr Drapeau, a former Mayor of Montreal, utilized an " expert " from France to design it. His ropes and pulled structure were, in my estimation, not fit for the Montreal Winters. Look at Toronto's Sky Dome, for an example,which has a solid retractable roof and, has been problem free since its inception.

Drapeau was otherwise a very successful Mayor who brought the Olympics and the Expos to Montreal. He also, on a private basis, established a restaurant in the City, which entertained its patrons with a symphonic orchestra. Unfortunately there was a "rule of silence in" this setting wherein the patrons were not permitted to speak while the orchestra played. This was great for at least one citizen who noted- " my wife and I never speak to each other and, it is a pleasure to have a restaurant where we don't have to speak to each other". You Montreal people should look back at this era and, locate another Mayor who will have the ability for grandeur as did Mayor Drapeau.

The future of Montreal hinges on the how fundamental the changes will be enacted after the Charbonneau commission. The level of corruption in Montreal and to a certain extent the province costs tax payers many billions a year. It has to stop. Between the unions, the mob and dirty politicians they've managed to completely take over just about every sector of quebec society. construction, water distribution, health care even daycare centers ! Have been linked to the mob and dirty politicians. It has to stop. Quebec could come out of this and become one of the most competitive area in the world if they clean things up.

The Big O is not going to be demolished. The commission looking into its future (no, I don't have a link, but do a search) has recommmended spending up to $300m on a new retractable roof and other improvments.

That would be great. a bit tight of a budget but should be able to do some great things.

Until and unless they build a new stadium (doubtful!), the Big Owe is all we have. I can well understand the frustration everyone has with the Big Owe (including my own), but the oval shape means good sight lines, especially for football and soccer.

It doesn't appear, however, that there are or ever will be plans to tear it down and build a better stadium. Molson is at best OK. It was built for college sports and doesns't have the look and feel of a professional stadium. This season the Blue Bombers will be playing in a bright, brand-new stadium (check out the Blue Bombers site for the latest pictures). Hamilton is rebuilding Ivor Wynn and the Roughriders will also be playing in a new stadium in the not-too-distant future.

So, what are the alternatives for the Als?