Als here...uniforms

Long time Als fan here...

Montreal has the ugliest uniforms in football in 2022.

Did the Salvation Army have a rummage sale this past summer involving the unloading of Richmond Spiders practice uniforms?

I am sure most people would disagree with your statement. As a happy owner of an Als jersey, count me as one of them.


I'm with Johnny. Definitely not the best I've seen but I've seen lots worse in my day, & right now I'll take them any day over the Stamps retro stripes.

I like them . They look pretty good . Uniforms seem to change constantly .

The helmet is still a work in progress but I like the new logo and placing it now in a traditional way on the helmet ; it works better . It may need more white detail on the border of the logo and just one solid red stripe on the helmet .

I don't mind the uniforms at all.